Hillary Clinton’s Daughter Follows In Her Mother’s Path, Says That Murdering Babies Is What Good Christians Do

Chelsea Clinton recently stated in an interview that to oppose abortion is “un-Christian” (courtesy of The Right Scoop):

Chelsea Clinton just said the most absurd thing once again on the issue of abortion.

In the past she’s suggested that the economy was better after abortions were made legal in the US.

Now she’s saying that making abortions illegal again would be UNCHRISTIAN.

Clinton claims that she’s deeply religious and that ending abortion would be ‘unchristian’, but clearly she doesn’t know God or she wouldn’t make such an outlandish statement.

We are the work of the Creator’s hands and because of that, we are more valuable to Him than the entire Heavens and Earth. He breathed His very own breath into us to give us life. He could have destroyed us in the Garden when we disobeyed Him and brought death into the world. But He didn’t. He chose to give His own life so that we could once again enter the Garden to be with Him forever. That’s how much He values the very life that He created.

Yet Clinton says that ending the murder of innocent babies is unchristian?

Either she doesn’t understand that abortion is killing the innocent, or that the evil is strong with her. I don’t know exactly which, but the end results is most certainly evil.

And what gets me is that she laments women dying or being maimed when committing illegal and unsafe abortions pre-Roe, but she doesn’t give a damn about the millions of babies that have been massacred because or Roe v Wade. (source)

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