Government Warns Amid Heightened Terror Alert To Look Out For Muslim Terrorists Flying Attack Drones

The “Mehmet II” suicide drone

A recent warning from the government has come amid heightened terror alerts saying that terrorists may use “unconventional” techniques, such as drones, to attack people according to a report:

The Department of Homeland Security reissued for the seventh time a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, which makes note of terrorists’ potential to use drones and chemical attacks outside of the groups’ occupied territory and conflict zones.

The NTAS Bulletin replaced in December 2015 the post-9/11 color-coded alert system. The higher levels of advisory in the NTAS system are Elevated Alert or Imminent Alert; neither have been used since the system went into effect.

“We continue to face one of the most challenging threat environments since 9/11, as foreign terrorist organizations exploit the Internet to inspire, enable, or direct individuals already here in the homeland to commit terrorist acts. Homegrown terror suspects increasingly rely on technology, such as end-to-end encrypted social media applications, to avoid detection,” the NTAS Bulletin warns, noting terrorist groups “are urging recruits to adopt easy-to-use tools to target public places and events.” (source)

Could somebody -anybody- use a “drone” for a terrorist attack? Of course. People are creative and what a man can do is often times limited only by his imagination and access to resources.

However, a terrorist flying drones to attack US citizens seems somewhat fanciful, especially when there are far more effective ways to cause terrorism. I do not say this because I am encouraging or want any form of terrorism. I say this as a practical reality.

For example, recently in northern Massachusetts there were a series of fires that resulted in the evacuation of several towns because, due to a “meltdown” in the gas lines, a massive fire ensued and destroyed dozens of homes:

Residents in three communities north of Boston were asked to evacuate their homes following dozens of explosions and fires following problems with the natural gas system which the local authorities described as a “gas main meltdown.” Emergency crews responded to at least 70 addresses for fires, explosions or the investigation of gas odor.

Multiple people were hurt, including one firefighter in Andover, after an “issue” with a high pressure gas main affected Lawrence, North Andover and Andover. The Massachusetts State Police said in a tweet on Thursday that residents in the affected areas who have gas service from Columbia Gas “should evacuate their homes immediately if they have not done so”.

They updated the tweet to say that Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera is asking all residents of South Lawrence to evacuate their homes. “This is addition to evacuation of all Columbia Gas customers in Lawrence/Andover/North Andover,” state police said. ‘Utility cos shutting off several thousand meters.’

A total of 35 fires were reported in Andover alone. All fires have been extinguished, but at peak, 18 fires were burning at the same time. At least three people have been injured in Andover, including one firefighter and at least two civilians.

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon said there are so many fires ‘you can’t even see the sky’. The fires have destroyed at least 50 homes, according to reports. One home in Lawrence was blown off its foundation,’ according to WCVB. A neighbor told the outlet that multiple people were inside at the time. The neighbor said he saw some of the residents in the home trying to crawl out of the debris.

According to CBS, Massachusetts State Police said gas lines were being depressurized by the company. Power has been shut off in the three communities as a precaution.

Lawrence General Hospital was currently treating six patients from the gas explosion. Two patients are in critical condition.

Governor Charlie Baker said he was communicating with safety officials. “The administration urges residents to heed instructions from local officials for important public safety announcements, including evacuations and suspending gas usage,” Gov. Baker’s spokeswoman said.

In some cases the gas leaks were deadly. A home on Chickering Road in Lawrence exploded. The home has extensive damage and the chimney collapsed onto an SUV in the driveway. WBZ-TV’s Gary Brode says one person was taken to the hospital from the scene.

The FBI and NTSB were investigating the explosions. “We are coordinating with our law enforcement partners as expected and personnel are on scene, as we normally would be in a situation like this to assess the situation,” the FBI said in a statement.

Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera says the issue appears to be in the southeast part of the city. “What we know is that there have been multiple explosions, multiple fires that are happening across the city,” Rivera told WBZ. “What we need folks to do is that if it’s happening in your home, you have a funny smell, just evacuate, come out to the street.”

North Andover Police told residents and businesses with gas service to exit their buildings until further notice. The area is covered by Columbia for gas, but National Grid for electric. National Grid says their electric crews are responding to assist. (source, source)

Gas mains seldom “melt down.”

This took place at a time when there are major fires in California, and major hurricane patterns in the Atlantic. has pointed out before how fires can be used as a weapon of terrorism.

Likewise, weather modification is used by many governments around the world. One can look up the HAARP program in the USA, but it is not per se an “American” thing, as the same technology is possessed by China, all of NATO, Russia, and other countries, and it is a known fact that it can be used to “weaponize” weather by creating storms.

Could the fires in Massachusetts have been an act of terrorism- REAL terrorism- perpetrated not per se by a “Muslim,” but by an actual government actor?

We know for a fact that the USA uses terrorist groups to attack the Russians and other governments, and has used them for decades as a part of her standard operating procedure. has pointed out how America’s greatest weakness is her infrastructure juxtaposed against her social and cultural standards and patterns of behavior. America’s geographic location, direct military strength, and attitude provide immunity to her from any sort of direct or semi-direct attack because she would retaliate with full military force. The most effective way to attack her is to cause “accidents” that result in large-scale destruction but cannot definitively be blamed on any one person or nation.

Do we know definitively if the series of events- the fires in the west, hurricanes in the south, and the gas explosion in the northeast- are connected to each other? No.

Do we know if one, several, or all of these events are indeed some form of genuine terrorism? No.

What I am saying is that one should not rule out the possibility of such.

From what I have seen, many people tend to have faniciful ideas of what terrorism looks like. Hence is why I put the photo up above. For Americans, there is a tendency to fantasize about hordes of robe-wearing, “funny looking”, “funny sounding” people carrying guns and running over the Mexican border in droves while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” This is not to say that terrorism over the border does not exist and one should not try to stop it, but that the reality does not match the perception of reality that too many have.

True terrorism- terrorism meant to REALLY hurt somebody- is usually simple and hard to detect. “The Unibomber” was an example of true terrorism. Professor Kaczynski evaded capture for many years and was only caught because his brother recognized his writing style and turned him in.

The US funding of terrorist groups, for example, is a well-known but proven effective means of masking illegal, aggressive military operations or conducting other operations while giving them the appearance of legitimacy. The same applies to very obvious acts of terrorism, because there is a history between them and government operations. Such was proven with the 1962 exposure of Operation Northwoods, a program under the anti-Castro Operation Mongoose and proposed by General Lyman Lemnitzer which said that the CIA would pose as Cuban terrorists, take over a hotel in the Caribbean frequented by American tourists, and kill several random American hostages. The reason for this would be to claim that Cuba engaged in “terrorism” against the United States and to use it as a justification for war against Cuba.

Terrorism has many faces. It is good to be vigilant about the threats that one faces, but one should also remember that threats and fear can be used to control people, and that the greatest threats often times are not large or foreign machinations, but are small things and come from within.

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