Sodomites Send Package Filled With Feces To Pro-Family Pastor With Message “Eat A D*ck” Written On It

A Christian preacher in Scotland known for his anti-LGBT preaching and work against the advancement of homosexuality in society recently received a package filled with feces and with the words “Eat A D*ck” written on it according to a report:

A VOCAL anti-gay preacher has been sent a box filled with poo with a message telling him to ‘Eat a D**k’ after trying to have an Inverness LGBT pride march banned.

Donald Morrison, a missionary with the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing), handed in a 564-signature petition to Highland Council last week in an effort to block a gay pride march from taking place.

He was protesting against Proud Ness on “biblical, religious and moral grounds” and asking the council to refuse permission.

Now the missionary says he was sent a vile package through the post marked “fragile”.

The box contained a plastic bag filled with excrement and an offensive message that read “eat a d**k”.

Mr Morrison claimed members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community at marches elsewhere had flaunted their immorality in the most extravagant ways imaginable.

He said: “This becomes evident especially in city centres when they thrust lewdness in the faces of men, women and children alike by frolicking unashamedly on rainbow-coloured floats making obscene sexual gestures.

His petition against the march prompted three counter-petitions, signed by thousands of people, supporting the event and gay rights group Stonewall said they would continue to campaign until all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people can express themselves without fear.

Last night, it appeared Mr Morrison had been unsuccessful in his ban bid, although Highland Council is yet to make a formal decision.

Mr Morrison said: “I am often accused of being a bigot. My church has no animosity, no hatred, no loathing, no detesting of any gay person. We tell the truth, in love.

“This petition has generated hysteria. Now Proud Ness, a gay pride event scheduled to take place in October in Inverness and my personal involvement in protesting and petitioning against it has raised an even higher level of exasperated frenzy.”

Mr Morrison said he wanted the parade stopped for reasons of “values and common decency”.

Sophie Bridger of Stonewall Scotland, said: “Pride parades started as a way to publicly protest against the discrimination and abuse that LGBT people faced and, despite the progress we have made, this petition shows us why they are still needed.

“Many LGBT people continue to face discrimination in work, school or in their community. Our 2017 research found that one in five LGBT people had experienced a hate crime or incident in the last year alone, rising to two in five trans people.

“The support that we’ve seen from the local community for Ness Pride has shown that while these negative attitudes still exist, people are keen to show support for their LGBT friends and neighbours. Our work continues until all LGBT people can express themselves without fear, and are accepted without exception.’

Highland Council said his petition is currently being considered under the council’s petitions procedure, along with another one in favour of the parade, and that “the matters of concern identified in their correspondence are not sufficient reason for the council to refuse permission for the parade”. (source, source)

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