The Future Holds Disease And Death For The Sodomites As HIV Rates Explode For Younger Millennial And Gen-Zers said before that in about ten years time there is going to be a major crisis of STDs and particular of HIV/AIDS due to the increase in drug-resistant disease and the false sense of security that many people have because of immoral marketing promises for anti-HIV medications. This has serious implications for all of society, but especially for the sodomites because due to their sinful, unnatural, and evil activity they are one of the most prone groups to contracting STDs, including HIV. It is compounded by the fact that studies indicate up to 25% of Gen-Zers do not identify as heterosexual but with some form of homosexuality.

One of the worst things to happen to the LGBT community has been the mass marketing of anti-viral medication and specifically, pre-anti-viral meds, which are nothing less than anti-HIV medications that a sodomite takes as though he has HIV with the anticipation that he may be exposed to HIV during his sodomitic excursions, and so is “doped up” so to stop any infection should he be exposed. It is the same philosophy as the use of antibiotics in the agricultural industry, where it is common practice that livestock is filled with antibiotics with the expectation that they will get sick because of the filthy conditions that they are often kept in (for example, in a chicken house).

It is a known fact that the use of antibiotics in this way in the agricultural industry, while increasing profits for several decades, is directly tied in a large part to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria. In the same manner, the sodomites are causing the same problem but by the use of HIV medication. To that, the current anti-HIV medications available on the market only work on certain strains of HIV, most of which are found either in Europe or North America, while many other strains, such as some found in the Philippines and Thailand, are already either resistant to or simply do not work with the available medicines.

I say that the medication is so terrible not because of its existence, but the fact that the sodomites are consuming this medication with the expectation of intentionally exposing themselves to more strains of HIV and with that, traveling to areas around the world with drug-resistant forms of HIV and then exposing themselves to them while on antiviral medications. This is absolutely disastrous from a medical view because they are acting as petri dishes in which to grow these new drug-resistant forms of HIV by their behavior and in so are destroying the true advances in medicine that have been made against HIV and are undermining the work of many good people and the health of the general public in the name of their insatiable, unnatural lusts.

Historically speaking, sodomites only constituted a very small minority of any give population. But owing to the popularization of homosexual activity, especially among Gen-Zers, the amount of “crossover” between men and women and with that, men or women who may have “experimented” at one point with sodomitic activity but do so no more, will spread HIV and other diseases to the heterosexual population by accident. For example, a woman may sleep with a man, but does not know the man that she is with once slept with another man. That same man may have contracted HIV from that particular previous encounter, but he does not know he has it, and so he unknowingly becomes a vector for spreading HIV to others.

To say that a major HIV crisis is coming in the future is merely to acknowledge the simple facts of what is happening based on current behavioral patterns. Contrary to the “glorious sexual future” that the LGBT proclaimed for 2018, while bragging that sodomitic behavior “now” is more promiscuous and indulgent than during the 1970s, it is but a calm before a major storm of disease that will descend on the sodomites like a thief in the night and they will not know what happened before it is too late and a crisis similar to that of the 1980s returns, except this time the medications that were in development then will have ceased to function.

The initial signs of this prediction are coming true, for according to a new study from the CDC, the HIV infection rate for sodomites under the age of 30 is four times that of those from 30 to 50, while those over 50 have a rate that is unchanged from before:

The rate of HIV diagnoses has risen among gay men under 30, while the rate plummets or holds steady in older age groups.

That is according to the latest CDC report, which indicates a growing generational divide based on data collected between 2008 and 2016.

In that time, the rate of new infections for under 30s was four times the rate for gay men aged 30 to 50, who grew up in the harrowing AIDS epidemic of the 80s and 90s. The rate for over 50s remained unchanged.

As ever, rates were particularly high among young black and Hispanic men, who the CDC warns are under-served with resources and information.

Chris Beyrer, the former president of the International AIDS Society, and Anthony Fauci, the head of the HIV/AIDS division at the NIAID, both described the figures as ‘disturbing’, and an indication that the younger generation doesn’t have information about or access to the effective prevention drugs that turned the epidemic around.

Since 2008, the rate of new infections for under 30s was four times the rate for gay men aged 30 to 50, who grew up in the harrowing AIDS epidemic. The rate for over 50s remained unchanged +1
Since 2008, the rate of new infections for under 30s was four times the rate for gay men aged 30 to 50, who grew up in the harrowing AIDS epidemic. The rate for over 50s remained unchanged

‘We have known for at least a decade that this is a very concentrated epidemic, and that we have very powerful prevention techniques. And still, this is 2016 data showing a three percent a year increase,’ Dr Beyrer told

‘That’s a very high infection rate by any standard. That’s higher than communities you think about like Uganda. Yes, if you look at the population level it’s low, but this is a very concentrated epidemic, and in this group rates are going up not down.’

Dr Fauci concurred: ‘It’s just going in the wrong direction. I’m as disturbed as anybody to see an increase in any percent at this stage of where we are in this pandemic.

‘And it’s very disturbing that it’s particularly young men who have sex with men.

‘If we are going to achieve the goal which we are all striving for – turning it around to say we no longer have an epidemic; we have control – then we need to take this seriously. You’re not going to have that if the dominant group, young men and in particular African American young men is seeing an increase like this. It’s going to put you back, even when the other groups do better.’

The last few years have seen a boom in prevention methods and treatments for the once-fatal human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

What was once a life sentence is no longer, and these days it’s possible to have exactly the same life expectancy as your peers even after an HIV diagnosis.

And getting HIV is even harder, thanks to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which is a pill anyone can take to make their risk of contracting the virus negligible.

However, millions of people are still diagnosed every year, and health officials believe there are around 2.1 million Americans who should start taking preventative pills due to their higher risk of the condition.

What’s more, there appears to be a growing generational divide, with clinics across the country – and across the world – reporting higher rates among younger patients.

In July this year, the International AIDS Society published a report warning that the excitement about possibly reaching an end to the epidemic ‘has bred a dangerous complacency and may have hastened the weakening of global resolve to combat HIV.’

The new CDC figures, published in today’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, add weight to those concerns.

As of 2016, two thirds of HIV infections in the US were diagnosed in men who have sex with men, but the only group seeing a rise is the 13-29-year-old group.

‘This is why we worry about the issue of complacency,’ said Dr Beyrer, who co-authored the July report.

In the last few years, he warns, ‘people have been embracing this language of “getting to zero”. In effect, that we would have zero new diagnoses.’

That, he says, puts everyone at ease. And ease is not a state we can embrace just yet.

‘When you have three percent a year new infections in a young group of people, you’re not heading towards zero.’

But there is some thing else at play, he and Dr Fauci emphasize.

While the CDC report recommends ‘intensified efforts to increase the rate of HIV testing are particularly important for younger [men who have sex with men]’, both warn that there is a big red mark on the US which seems to be anchoring everything.

The highest rates of diagnoses are seen in ethnic minority gay and bisexual men in the conservative south, where access to healthcare is tougher than the rest of the country.

‘If you look at the map of the US is that most occur in a relatively small amount of counties that cluster in the south,’ Dr Fauci explains.

There, fewer Americans are insured, and even then, there are far fewer resources or platforms to share information about PrEP.

Harder to target, though, is the attitude towards homosexuality that underpins those obstacles.

‘One of the real stumbling blocks about that particular region is the issue of stigma,’ Dr Fauci says. ‘It means it’s not easy to come out and get PrEP. That’s the problem.’ (source)

Make no mistake, major drug companies cannot wait for the next ten years, because they stand to earn a tremendous profit. With sodomites that will panic over treatments, and given the power they have, the pharmaceutical industry will be happy to help the sodomites “shake down” the Federal government for lucrative research contracts for HIV/AIDS.

But how does one stop the HIV epidemic?

The answer for the majority of people is simple- STOP FORNICATING.

Fornication, followed by illegal drug usage, are the major vectors by which HIV is spread. Stop those two things, and most of the HIV cases will disappear.

The Bible says that the wage of sin is death. Christians today have had many decades to speak out against homosexuality, and so few have, and those who have find themselves often times suppressed and persecuted to the point of an economic martyrdom in the Western world, which has chosen the path of Sodom over the ways of Abraham.

It does not matter what “advances” are made, because the sodomites will undermine them through their lusts. They cannot control their behavior, and so the spread of the disease cannot be controlled as they are walking biohazardous waste facilities who spread their filth wherever they go, and yet when people of good will stand up to them, those who stand up are considered to be the “problem.”

To that, one should add the problem is not just the sodomites. It is those who would refuse to tell them “what you are doing is wrong” and will not follow divinely revealed truth per sacred scripture and tradition about what homosexuality is and how it must be addressed.

Times change, but problems and the answers to those problems do not change either. Two plus two is still four whether in the days of Noah or now, and likewise the solution to social or cultural problems remain consistent. What changes is the will of man to deal with the aforesaid problems per the prescribed solutions to them.

Two plus two will never yield five no matter how hard one wants it to. Likewise, accepting homosexuality and enshrining its practice into law will never stop the consequences of homosexuality in a society.

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