Major German Politicians Meet With Prominent Turkish Official To Discuss Germany’s Historical Connections With The Ottoman Empire And How This Is A New Era Of The German-Turkish Alliance. Prepare Yourself For The Turco-Germanic Reign Of Terror

By Theodore Shoebat

The Turkish and Germany governments have just declared that Turkey and Germany will be coming to a new era of cooperation between the two countries. The Finance Minister of Turkey, Berat Albayrak recently had a meeting with the German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, and the German Economy and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier, in which they discussed the making of deeper ties between Germany and Turkey. During the conference, Berat Albayrak mentioned something very interesting, that Turkey had alliances with Germany for centuries, going all the way back to the Ottoman Empire:

“The Turkish-German relations date back to centuries ago, all the way back to the Ottoman Empire period. …“I believe that following this important visit of our president to Germany, we would achieve very positive results, not only in terms of Turkey-Germany relations, but also in terms of Turkey-European Union relations”


The Turkish financial minister makes a very interesting connection: Turkey’s relation to Germany going back centuries. This is very true. This brings to mind the Thirty Years War in which German protestants made an alliance with the Ottoman Empire to fight and destroy the Catholic Hapsburg Empire. During the Thirty Years’ War, that most violent struggle between German Protestants and European Catholics, the Germans wanted to invade Catholic Poland with 400,000 troops, and made an agreement with the Turkish Ottoman Muslim Empire in which the Islamics agreed to give 60,000 troops for the exchange of an annual tribute to the Sultan.

When the Bohemian Protestants and Hussites (who lived in what is today called Czechoslovakia) attacked Christendom within the first half of the seventeenth century, in the Thirty Years War, they attacked the city of Laa and struck Vienna. The Hungarian Calvinists, seeing this incursion, saw their opportunity to make their own attack on Christendom. They allied with the Bohemians, and the Calvinist king of Transylvania, Bethlen Gabor, who was a major ally of the Ottoman Empire, also joined this force against Christendom. As the 1620 Edict of Ferdinand II recounts:

“We shall not mention what actions they [the Bohemians] took in portions of Hungary after our election and coronation as emperor, also leading these subjects away from their obedience to us; they advised and abetted Prince Bethlen Gabor of Transylvania, who was under the protection of our archenemy [the Turks], in his seizure of the fortress of Kaschau and all of Upper Hungary; joining with his army, they again crossed the Danube and advanced on our capital city of Vienna, once again coming face to face with us.”

In the early 17th century, the Hungarian Calvinist nobleman, Istvan Bocksai, led a revolt against the Catholic Hapsburg Spanish empire. Bocksai’s anti-Hapsburg movement was covertly supported by the Ottoman Empire, and he would eventually crush the Hapsburgs in the battle of Almosd and in the battle of Bihardioszeg. In 1605, Bocksai was elected as prince of Ottoman Hungary and Transylvania.

The spirit of antichrist possessed both the Ottomans and the Protestants, and till this day we see Germany — the motherland of Protestantism — working with Turkey, the powerhouse for Islamic empire. What else is interesting about this meeting is one of its attendees, Peter Altmaier. This is the same person who, back in 2015, alongside German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, threatened Poland if it did not absorb refugees, with Steinmeier stating: “If it can’t be done any other way, then things will have to be clarified using judicial means”. Back in the Thirty Years War, Germany and Turkey conspired to invade Poland, and today they are conspiring to destabilize Poland with Islamic refugees, since it was both Germany and Turkey that contrived the plan for Europe to absorb refugees coming from the Islamic world. The objective of destroying has been in the mind of the Germanic militarist for a long time. Himmler said:

“Later, all Poles will disappear from this world. It is imperative that the great German nation considers the elimination of all Polish people as its chief task.”

Moreover, lets not forget that the refugee crises was sparked by violence in the Middle East and in North Africa, and what caused such violence? US intervention in Libya to remove Gaddafi; in Iraq to remove Saddam and in Syria to remove Assad. These engineered conflicts, fueled by arming and backing Islamic rebels in proxy conflicts, accelerated the refugee crises, and the refugee crises — since it has worked to bring violence into Europe, although many refugees have not caused violence — has helped to spark nationalism and a governmental emphasis on militarism, as we have seen in Germany which has been boosting its military spending and capacity and even has aspirations to go nuclear.

What will be the end result? The same thing that has happened repeatedly throughout history, be it in the Germanic sacking of Rome by Odoacer in the fifth century; the sack of Rome by Alaric in 410; the sack of Rome by the Vandals in 455; the sack of Rome by the Ostrogoths under Totila in 546; the destruction of Rome by the German Landsknecht in 1527; the war on Italy by the Germans in World War One during which Germany was an ally with the Ottoman Empire; and the invasion of Rome by the Nazis. In all these conflicts, the Germans aspired to power and empire, and they will aspire to the same thing in the future. Be prepared for the Turco-Germanic reign of terror.

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