America Is A Land Of Clowns For The Great Charade Called Politics And The Illusion Of Choice

In his last comic performance before his death, George Carlin on his “Life is worth losing” tour delivered what may be the most famous monologue of his career. It was about the American Dream, which not only does he say that “you have to be asleep to believe it,” but that the USA is a nation which is absolutely controlled by outside interests and the people think they have freedom when the reality is they have nothing of it at all:

This level of control has been visible for many years, but in the last year it has become particularly apparent with major “news stories” that, as with previous presidencies it was true as well, but the Trump presidency is the most audacious and comical yet of the “reality television” shows produced for the masses to consume.

One of the controversies surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency which has consumed the public mind since almost the beginning is his affair with a pornographic whore named Stephanie Clifford (“Stormy Daniels”). She recently came out in a “tell-all” book (which she clearly did not write) about how she hated Trump and he had a “mushroom-shaped” member.

This is as ridiculous and perhaps more ridiculous than the “Starr Report” and how it described what Monica Lewinsky did with President Clinton’s member in the White House.

Is it news that President Trump, and admitted whoremonger for decades, paid thousands of dollars to have sex with some high-dollar prostitute whose fame is having other men discharge their bodily fluids on/in/around her while being filmed? Who cares about the shape of Trump’s genitalia? This is not news, but this is pornography masquerading as news just as it was during the Clinton years.

Then there is the entire “DEEP STATE” nonsense. Really, what is the “DEEP STATE,” a term that only came into use in 2014, which is just two years before the presidential elections and at the same time that ISIS, a US government asset, began releasing copious videotapes of executions as well as a large number of “persecution” stories? If the DEEP STATE is so pervasive, why was it not discussed for years before. To that extent, if the DEEP STATE is a network of people, who are these people, and why is it that nobody can trace this network in government at all, because surely there is somebody who will not at least say something?

To that entire DEEP STATE nonsense, why is in all of this there is no mention of actual proven events with real people that can be placed into an actual historical context with a traceable series of events, such as Operation Gladio or Operation Cyclone, both of which have profoundly influenced the course of US policy?

“He went to Jared

Why is there absolutely no mention of the Israeli lobby in relationship to the DEEP STATE, as it is something which direct proof shows has penetrated into not only the Republicans and the Democrats, but up to the highest ranks of the military, military contractors, and all branches of government? Would one not consider this important in light of Trump’s family and the curious “relationship” between the US and Israel that matches that of no other nation?

Then there is the constant “drama” in the White House. Whether it is Trump’s former TV actress Omarosa, or with allegations of a “conspiracy” to “get Trump thrown out of office” by some guy named ROD ROSENSTEIN, does it not seem like one is watching a drama on a television soap opera, or perhaps an episode of “The Apprentice?

How about how for years Trump said he thought Republican voters were stupid, and that if he ran for president he would run as a republican for this very reason so that he could win?

Now, there is the latest fiasco against Brett “the virgin” Kavanaugh with claims that he may have raped some woman who claimed she was drunk and apparently, continued to frequent drunk parties with men in a sexually-charged and alcohol-laced atmosphere, and yet still cannot provide “proof” of her claims other than her story. This has been the main focus of “conservative” and even “liberal” media for the last week.

In reality, how is this a story?

But there have been many real stories that have taken place during the last year. While the masses are distracted with irrelevant and meaningless stories such as those above, or with American Christians “praying for Trump”, President Trump has, during his term in office, gone around the world loosening the post-WWII restraints placed on Germany and Japan while turning against Russia and Syria, both nations he claimed a degree of support for leading up to his election, and is allowing for Israel to rapidly push for overthrowing the legitimate government (“regime change”) of Iran because that is what Netanyahu wants.

While “the people” claim that “the DEEP STATE/LIBERALS/HILLARY CLINTON’S HITMEN” are after Trump, almost none have stopped to ask if Trump is but a cog in the wheel of the very machine he claims to oppose.

The level of dialogue is either the illogical and puerile behavior of the so-called “left” or a near blind “nationalism” that defines the “right”. Both are driving the world to war because, while it is true that actual conversation in any society is a difficult thing to have with many people, it is nearly impossible today.

This is not a “left” or “right” issue either. It is the ability to see what is happening before one’s eyes in a simple way.

The fact that nobody sees it and simultaneously chooses to focus on the distractions without considering that something may be wrong is the biggest scandal of all.

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