Disgusting Online Prostitute For Watching Only Now Selling Bath Water

Prostitution has exploded with the Internet, and all other kinds of deviant behavior. In what appears to be a new low, a well-known of such “insta thots”, Belle Delphine, is now selling her “bath water” online for people to buy:

A POPULAR British cosplayer and self-described ‘gamer girl’ is making a killing online – and has caused a stir with her latest money-making scheme.

Belle Delphine, who describes herself as a “weird elf kitty girl” is now flogging jars of ‘gamer girl’ bath water via her online store for £24 a time.

Revealing the stunt on Instagram, Delphine said it was for “for all you THIRSTY gamer boys” when she shared a picture of herself in the bath wearing an Overwatch-themed jersey as she held a jar in one hand and a controller in the other.

She followed it up with a video of her filling some of the jars up while in the bath.

In her online store she claims the jars are “bottled while I’m playing in the bath”, and adds the disclaimer that “this water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes. ”

Delphine has 3.8 million followers on Instagram where she regularly posts her lewd interpretations of anime and video game characters.

As well as selling bath water, she makes money selling posters of some of those poses through her online store – as well as a mousemat featuring an anime-style drawing of herself.

Delphine also has over 3,000 ‘patrons’ on crowdfunding site Patreon.

There some users can simply offer support for under £1 a month – but for about £4-a-month users can pay for “cute and sometimes weird selfies”, as well as behind-the-scenes access to photoshoots.

Those willing to shell out a bit more get “access to lewd HD photosets”, or access to her ‘personal’ Snapchat, described as her “naughtiest” social media account.

The most expensive option is around £2,000 a month, for which the rewards are not specified.

While it is impossible to know exactly how many fans subscribe to each tier, if even half of the total subscribe to the first level that actually gets them something for their money it would mean she is making at least £2,300 a month after fees.

She posts racy video-game inspired snaps on Instagram, but has significant followings elsewhere too.

Any who subscribe to higher levels would obviously raise this total.

Even if no-one subscribes at the top level and if just 10 per cent of her fans subscribe to other higher tiers, her income from Patreon alone would be roughly £225,000 a year.

While some users were not impressed with her stunt, many praised her business acumen.

“Belle Delphine is far better at business than Trump. She could honestly probably become president quicker than him,” one fan said on Twitter, with another praising her social media savvy and saying “she’s a badass and deserves the success, super smart”.

“Say what you will about Belle Delphine,” said another, “she’s a business genius.”

The saucy snaps have won her a legion of fans.

Some posting on her Instagram announcement were less charitable, describing her as “a shame to all girl gamers”.

Another simple pleaded with fans not to be taken in by the stunt, saying “please no one buy this because that would be extremely creepy and perverted.”

Delphine trolled fans earlier in the year by promising to create an account with popular smut-peddlers Pornhub – only to use it to post meme videos.

Sun Online has reached out to Delphine for comment on the stunt.

She is not the only person catering to smut-loving gamers, though.

Fans of Apex Legends are well catered for when it comes to such filth, while randy Overwatch fans are also a growing niche for Adult performers and producers.

Pornhub, meanwhile, produced official ‘parody’ smut for both Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption. (source, source)

You can see the link here (archived here) for those who do not believe this is real.

This is disgusting on many levels, but my greatest concern is, quite simply, what is wrong with the male market who is clearly paying for this?

I have said much about both men and women, and to a large extent, I place the burden of the social dysfunction today on women, who have commoditized their sexuality in ways and to an extent never before seen in world history. Sex always sells and women have always been willing to sell it. This is not new. It is the extent and intensity.

It is arguable that never before in human history have there been so many “thirsty” men, and yet never before has sex been so easy to acquire or purchase. I speak not of disgusting and sad actions such as buying bath water, but the act of trading money for sexual activity. It’s everywhere, it is for the most part legal (as trading money for sex in privacy is a “crime,” but filming it is not), is very low-risk (especially in comparison to other kinds of illegal activity, such as buying drugs), and is comparably cheap. Indeed, if I wanted to this very minute as I type these words, I could go out at get sex in the time it would take me to get from my seat to the place of fornication- it is that easy. I do not say that I would have “love” at all, let alone moral right, but that it is possible in a safe, legal, easy way to realize such with almost no effort.

There is, from a logistical and financial standpoint, absolutely no reason that a man without morals who intends to fornicate (which seems to be a majority of men, including those who want sex but do not get it) cannot get laid when and where he wants to.

The only way that one can square up this tremendous divide between the “thirsty” majority and a clear minority of men who are overwhelmed with sex is that the western world has entered into a new phase of the sexual revolution.

I have warned about this phase in the past and noted how sex robots are helping to realize this. It is the natural conclusion of easy sex and the formal division of reproduction from activity, where as most sex is in the mind, hypersexualization leads to hyperonanism that becomes a mind virus where one’s thoughts become the entire extension of one’s sexual desires. That is, sexuality no longer needs to involve a person but just the thought of a person projected into a wholly-internal fantasy that serves no purpose other than to satisfy one’s ego in the moment. It is self-consuming and while influenced and driven with exterior tools is the end of all self-indulgent sex, which is the glorification of the self over all.

What seems to be happening is the “end of the road” for modern sexuality. However, this does not mean an end to sexuality, or perversity. What it means is that it appears society has reached a point of division. Does one follow another path, or continue to what is next?

To go down another path is to return to “traditional”, or rather normal, sexual behavior. It is to put sexuality back as a genitive function first, and thus reduce dependence on sex by necessity. The other path, which can involve (but does not necessarily have to) reducing dependency on sex itself continues the previous evil, but now brings a full transition to sex as a vehicle of power and domination as its main purpose. Since women are naturally by design submissive, the purpose of sexuality would seem them to be to “re-integrate” the two genders back into one gender, uniting that which God separated, in pursuit of one’s own “realization” leading towards a self-imposed divinity. The stronger would come to “dominate”, subjugate, and assimilate the weak until the strongest remained dominant over all in a sort of darwinesque hierarchical structure.

Should it be a surprise then why homosexuality has become so popular, and why transgenderism naturally follows it, and why the “masculinity” movement is so deeply linked to this? This was the philosophy of the old pagan world, where sex was a thing done by necessity for reproduction, but “love” was regarded as a homoerotic or bisexual endeavor and the ideal to pursue.

Men today are being pushed to accept- whether they have lots of sex or not -one of two paths. One is to accept life as a struggle, and to call back the desires of the self to pursue truth at all costs. This is an admonishment to the fornicator to stop fornication, and comfort to the involuntarily celibate to pursue sex in the context of a healthy relationship, to accept it when it does not happen, and to sacrifice the self for the greater good. But for those who refuse to follow, it is to continue to cannibalize the self into more intense forms of self-abuse. For the fornicator it means “transitioning” to experimentation with bisexuality, and for the involuntarily celibate it means accepting bisexuality as something permissible that one may choose to do in the future.

Now I have focused here primarily on men, but the same proposition is also being put to the women of society. Do they choose to reign in their sexuality and use it in the proper context of marriage and family, which will necessarily mean for many of them first a bridling of their own egos? Or will they continue to be self-indulgent to the point of enslaving themselves in the name of liberation to their own hedonistic ideal?

The phenomenon of this “insta thot” selling her own bath water is not something unique. It is the continuation of the sexual revolution as it morphs into new and more destructive phases as evidenced by this one example.

The question is not so much as this point how to “stop it,” but rather what path a man will choose to take- the way that will be hard but lead to life, or the easy way that ultimately leads to death?

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