Major Hindu Leader Says That Christian Missionaries Are Evil Because They Oppose Hindu Nationalism has written for years on how Hindu nationalists are plotting to take power in India and commit genocide against all Christians and Muslims in their pursuit to establish a pure Hindu ethnostate, called the “Hindutva Bharat.” Violence against Christians on behalf of Hindu nationalists has turned India into one of the top ten most dangerous places on Earth for Christians. The nationalists have continued to gain political victories, and have become more emboldened in their speech.

A recent statement from a leader of the infamous Hindu terrorist group the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) reflected this where it said that Christianity causes “major damage” because “their idea of nationhood changes with their conversion”:

Details revealed by the state government in the assembly reflect that central Gujarat witnessed the most religious conversions in the state, with Anand district topping with 67 persons applying for permission for convert in the last two years.

In response to various questions, the government said 152 persons in 20 districts had applied for permission to change their faith under the Freedom of Religion Act, which mandates government permission for a citizen to convert.

The concerned district collectors granted permission for conversion in 105 cases. Of the total applications received, 127 were from Hindus wanting to convert to other religions, 16 from Muslims and 9 from Christians. The reply did not specify to which religion they wanted to convert.

The Anand district collector received 67 applications and 62 persons were granted permission. There were 61 Hindus, two Muslims and four Christians among the applicants. The second highest number of applications were in Ahmedabad district, with 28 Hindus, three Muslims and one Christian asking for permission to convert. The Ahmedabad district collector permitted 12 persons to embrace new religions.

Another central Gujarat district, Vadodara, saw 17 such applications and the authority permitted 16 persons to convert. Eight Hindus, seven Muslims and two Christians wanted to renounce their religions for a new faith. There were nine applicants in Kheda district and all succeeded. Five Hindus, one Muslim and three Christian wanted to embrace a new faith.

Against this, the tribal areas witnessed very little enthusiasm for conversions with the Dang district collector not getting any such request in the last couple of years. Dahod had two Muslims who wanted to convert and they were granted permission. Four Hindus wanted to convert in Aravalli district, but only one got permission. The Panchmahal collector got only one application for conversion.

On central Gujarat seeing more conversions, Ghanshyam Shah, a sociologist, said, “There is a concentration of Dalit population in central Gujarat and they convert to Buddhism and Christianity.” For the low number of requests for conversion in tribal areas, he believes the anti-conversion law must be playing a role.

The president of the VHP for North Gujarat, Dilip Trivedi, said, “Hindus need to be aware against religious conversion by various tactics. Christian missionaries are converting Hindus in the name of social service while the Muslims are doing so in the name of Love Jihad. Conversion to Buddhisim, Jainism or Sikh religion is not a conversion. One can change panth (sect) in Sanatan Hindu religion but converting to Islam or Christianity does major damage to the religion. Their idea of nationhood also changes with their conversion. (source, source)

Trivedi is absolutely correct that the “idea of nationhood” changes. Instead of a tribalism where religion is a tool of political and worldly power, Christianity allows for natural distinctions between people while all gathered together under the banner of the kingdom of Christ, where all nations sing his praise regardless of color, language, or geographical location. Just as there are many homes in His Father’s house, there are many peoples of many lands in the Kingdom of Christ, all whose purpose is to learn to live as brothers and to travel with Christ on the lonely road of Calvary to the Cross, where dying to the self they will, by the grace of God, be resurrected to everlasting life.

The Hindu nationalists do not believe this. They want one nation in this life based on racialism and tribalism, and they are ready to murder those who oppose them in the name of ethnic hatred. The Hindu system, infernal as it already is, is but a reflection of hell where there is no love and the evil ones in there are forever in conflict with each other in pain and misery that never ends.

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