Nobody Is Discussing How The Epstein Case Could Be A Political 9/11 In Progress

The Epstein case is a major scandal. He is a convicted pedophile with a library of data tying him to sex trafficking as a pimp on behalf of wealthy American political and business elites. Epstein’s exploits have been known about for many years. The Pizzagate scandal during the 2016 election cycle, which one can read further detail here, exposed among many scandals Epstein’s further connections in this regard.

Why did it take so many years for anybody to look into or acknowledge this? Was it simply a “conspiracy” by the “liberals” to stop “the conservatives” from “draining the swamp?” Or was there something larger at hand.

Blackmail has been used throughout human history to control people. This seems to be a central reason for the existence of the Pizzagate scandal, as well as Epstein’s role as a procurer of underage children for sexual abuse. Politicians, businessmen, and other men in great positions of power are given many things to tempt them, the least of which could be nothing less than the application of the world’s oldest profession combined with the exploitation of the male drive for beauty, and beauty that is found in young women. A few photos here, a video there, all neatly stored away showing a man committing pedophilia is a sure way to hold him to one’s will, for if he does not obey the commands of the person who holds the video, all of a sudden there just may surface “evidence” of “sexual abuse” that destroys his career and life. –

The above scenario that I described is arguably the tamest of such scenarios. As the Pizzagate scandal noted, there seems to have been far more that went on in the scandal involving members of the Clinton campaign that included Babylonian-type rituals involving the murder of small children, torture, and cannibalism in the name of summoning the dark powers that one may gain power in this life. The involvement of the demonic should not be understated, nor is it unique in human history, but it is no less evil than before. The potential for such blackmail is endless.

This is also not to say that Epstein would be a “blackmailer” of any sorts. Epstein reminds one of the infamous Belgian pedophile and pimp Marc Dutroux, who organized the equivalent of such evil ventures for politicians and European royalty.

The Dutroux case was a scandal for two reasons. The obvious was the heinous nature of his crimes. The second and more important reason for why he was prosecuted, as many have suggested, was in order to cover for the crimes of those who he provided children for abuse, as such would potentially threaten the stability of the European governments. Dutroux was destroyed in order to protect those who are much more powerful over him from being deposed for their crimes.

What I am about to propose here is not fact, nor do I intend it to be taken as a gospel truth. It is a speculation based upon evidence, but one that should be considered.

Let’s review some basic premises.

We know for a fact that the Republicans and the Democrats are not opposed to each other because they both adhere to a common political philosophy, and what differs is the execution. What the Democrats say in public the Republicans do in private, and what the Democrats do for the world to see the Republicans pretend not to do but then allow it to happen by omission or “accident” once they have power and could realistically stop said action from happening.

We know that the Democrats and the Republicans work together on this, and in spite of their presentation as “enemies” they are friends.

We know that the Democrats and the Republicans receive their monies largely from the same funders in New York and Los Angeles, regardless of what state they reside in. They are beholden to the same group of donors, and because they control the money supply, they dictate their positions if they want to stay in power.

We know that both the Democrats and Republicans are close with Jeffrey Epstein. Many people point out the Clintons, but Trump is close to Epstein. He admitted so himself in 2002:

Epstein likes to tell people that he’s a loner, a man who’s never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” (source)

Trump clearly knows a lot about Epstein. In fact, his words have a very similar ring in presentation to those which Milo used when saying he was at parties in which there were “very young boys” in attendance. Such comments resulted in Milo’s veritable expulsion from Conservative circles as it indicated ties to pederasty.

Vice Magazine investigated the Trump-Epstein ties back in 2016 and found that Trump has had extensive contacts with Epstein over the years, including going on Epstein’s private plane and having dinner at his home.

As the Vice report notes, Trump was excluded from the Federal Government’s investigation into Epstein in 2008. It also notes that Trump is said to have barred Epstein from his club for attempting to engage in sexual activity with a staff member.

Has Trump been involved in sexual activity with underage women? This cannot be definitively confirmed. It is known that Trump has been involved in numerous adulterous relationships with married women, pornographic whores, and other women, and that he enjoys fornication, but all in the context of the law. Some have observed his curiously close relationship and photographs with his daughter Ivanka, but there still is not enough proof to definitively confirm evidence of a crime.

What matters here is the above story about Trump barring Epstein from Mar-A-Lago. This is critical to what appears to be happening, which is a massive political hit on the Democrat party not with the intention of stopping sexual abuse, but with the intention of covering it up in order to perpetuate it while re-making the face of the Democrat Party in preparation for the 2024 election.

Trump’s chances at winning the 2020 election are not good. This is not to “attack Trump,” but to acknowledge the obvious fact that due to his blatant failure to follow through on his fundamental promises, his constant concessions to the demands of the Israeli lobby over those of the American people who voted for him, and the changing US state demographics, Trump has badly damaged his voter base possibly to the point it cannot be fixed without a massive collapse in the Democrat party. It would essentially take the equivalent of a 9/11 in the party to drive people away from voting Democrat and to support Trump.

As I have noted before, the Democrats are not “failing,” but appear to be attempting to throw the 2020 election to Trump with the intention of taking power in 2024. There is no other reason that would explain why they would have not chosen a candidate for the Presidency yet, and why there would be such clownish shenanagans among the candidates other than to get people not to vote for them. Democrats are very good at organizing, such as when Barack Obama, the chosen representative for the Democrats went to run for 2008, won and did so with much concentrated organization efforts.

But the voter base for Trump has been severely damaged, and the country is changing. There is a potential that Texas may vote majority Democrat for the first time in decades. Florida is a complete guess what will happen. Michigan will likely go back to voting Democrat. Georgia and North Carolina could turn Democrat easily. Pennsylvania and Arizona are also another guess. If Trump loses more than one of these states, and if he loses Texas under any circumstances, it will likely be impossible for him to win in 2020.

This is where the Epstein case is so important, and that story with Trump.

As I have noted before, what the Republicans do in secret the Democrats do in the open. The evidence is brazen and has been noted for years that major people in the Democrat establishment are tied to Epstein and likely, child sexual abuse. The data is public knowledge and easy to find, and more obvious than Milo Yiannopoulos’ support of sodomite pederasty that resulted in his fall from the conservative movement. An investigation into Epstein’s background would confirm all of this and certainly more.

But say for example this focused strictly on the Democrat party. Nancy Pelosi’s own daughter alluded to this in a cryptic tweet she put out:

Who is she referring to? One does not know, but likely the Clintons and many others.

If a pedophile scandal were to implicate high-ranking members of the Democrat party, and if it were made into national news, it would cause an immediate collapse in support among the common people and a complete collapse of the party leadership. People would vote for Trump not because the like him, but because they would be unable to support a party that, from what one can tell, has been involved in the sex trafficking of children at its highest leadership. Much of the old Democrat guard would be flushed out and the party would be in shambles. The Republicans could likely sweep Congress as well, giving Trump a 2020 victory and restoring his image among his base as well as drawing support from those in the liberal factions.

So what is to come of the Democrat party? Are they going to disappear? Not in the least, for out of every crisis there is an opportunity.

I have noted before that a politician to watch carefully is Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema. The blonde divorcee-turned-sodomite and former Mormon-turned-agnostic turns heads as well as votes in both parties. She is a force to be reckoned with and appears is being groomed, quietly, for a future presidential run in the same way that Obama was.

If the old Democrat guard was swept out, the party is not in shambles at all, but has the chance to rebuild as she pleases. Imagine a reborn Democrat party that, while still holding to her old “values” as before, is able to present herself as a more elegant, “refined,” and culturally-attuned party so to attract more people and get even more power with a better image? What if the face of the Democrats, while still holding to all the values of sodom and increasing support of them, is not a purple-haired freak with an old lady in a pantsuit, but a pretty blonde woman and a man in a nice suit with a crisp smile and white teeth?

It would be a more dangerous Democrat party than the current one, for just like the Republicans, the inherent degeneracy would be better presented to the public and able to be more effective in realizing the same ends.

Likewise, given how many Republicans are involved in sexual misconduct, what is also to say that Republican leadership may not be prosecuted heavily, or that significant evidence of Republican wrongdoing may not be released save until around 2022-2023 as Trump is preparing to leave office?

The September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks shocked and horrified the entire world. However, there is much evidence that shows more than a mere “intelligence failure” between the CIA, Mossad, and Saudi GIA took place, but rather something much deeper of which the intention was to bring about a new era in America international involvement, and it happened. It has thus far worked, for America pre-9/11 and post-9/11 are two different nations, but still persisting in the same philosophy of power at all costs through a “strategy of tension” whose origins began before World War I and have continued unabated since.

Could the same be happening with the Democrat party, where a “death” would lead to a new “life” in the party but persisting in the same philosophy, of which is the advancement of Sodom and all things perverse but under a new a pretty face, let alone securing the 2024 elections?

It remains to be see. That said, one should not “get one’s hopes up” about this investigation, for it has all the potential not to be a mere objective inquiry into a crime, but a powerful weapon of politics that may have effects for decades to come.

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