New AI App Lets Users “Remove” People From Photographs

A recently unveiled AI app allows for photos to be edited so that unwanted people- or things -can be removed from it:

There’s a new app on the App Store that uses AI to remove people from photographs and paint over their absence. The app is priced at $2.99 on the App Store available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Fair warning, the app it doesn’t always work as per your expectations but it’s a neat idea. Let’s dive in to see some more details on the new Bye Bye Camera app and what does it have in store.

Bye Bye Camera App Removes People From Your Photographs
Living in a crowded place is quite cumbersome as you struggle to take pictures every now and then. Moreover, accidental appearances are another story. This is where the new Bye Bye Camera kicks in to remove any human from the frame of the photograph and taking its place the continuation of the shot. It does work well in some scenarios but other times it just creates a mess.

he app is a practical art project by Do Something Good in conjunction with artist Damjanski. The artist told Artnome that Bye Bye Camera is “an app for the post-human era… The app takes out the vanity of any selfie and also the person.” Here’s what the app description reads:

The Bye Bye Camera app is the camera for the post-human era. Every picture you take automatically removes any person. Finally you can take a selfie without yourself.

Altogether, the app is slow and creates a mess while removing people, leaving behind distorted pixels and residue. Nonetheless, it’s still quite fun to use. AI is moving fast and it would be wrong to presume the feature would not become part of our daily social media apps. (source, source)

In January 2018, I wrote a piece about a revolutionary trend taking place in the development of artificial intelligence programs, and that is how I noted there was, for the first time, a public use of AI to superimpose the faces of famous actors and actresses onto pornographic whores in smut films. I warned this was a major sign that AI is preparing to become a major force in altering media production, for that by being able to edit audio, video, and photographic materials, it effectively renders them useless as “evidence” to prove ones case in a court. However, since all of these things are long-established forms of ascertaining or verifying proof of a crime or exonerating a person of a crime, that the new technology would open the way for a myriad of abuses that would bring about a new reign of terror around the entire world.

This suspicion has been proven correct. AI apps have, as I counseled, expanded far beyond the realm of pornography, and are being used to edit all kinds of audio, video, and now photographic evidence. AI can now manufacture fake people into videos, clone anybody’s voice in seconds with perfect accuracy, match people’s faces from photos to databases anywhere, and is now being used by the perverse to create fake nude photos of people.

As I have said before, take all of the above developments and apply them to a politically tense situation, such as the insistence from the Israeli lobby that the US go to war on her behalf against Iran, with the hawks in the current administration in mutual agreement. Look at the extents to which the US has tried thusfar to say that Iran has “attacked” US interests or those of her allies.

Can one imagine how this could be used to justify war?

This app is for public use, but it is a look into the future. Governments and corporations develop these tools, but full implementation by government and corporations usually takes a little more time. However, when the do implement such things, it changes how life functions due to the large role they play in commerce, which then drives politics and culture.

What one is looking at here is not a tool for editing photographs, but a tool that is part of bringing about a brave new world that increasingly has the appearance of a dystopian nightmare of old.

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