Sodomites Attempt To Force Tiny Caribbean Nation To Bend Over For Them

The tiny Caribbean island nation of Dominica (NOT the Dominican Republic) is a place whose economy is based on tourism, tax evasion, and bananas. Consisting of just over seventy-thousand people, it is not a major world power or place of influence.

However small and insignificant it is, this has not stopped the sodomites from attempting to force themselves into her and make them bend to her will by trying to enshrine their love of their sinful ways into law in the nation:

A gay man in the tiny Caribbean nation of Dominica filed a legal claim challenging its laws that ban gay sex and punish same-sex relations with prison terms and psychiatric confinement, a Canada-based rights group said on Friday.

Dominica is one of nine Caribbean countries that outlaw gay sex, and taking down its ban could build momentum to address the anti-gay laws throughout the region, supporters said.

The challenge seeks to prove the law violates Dominica’s constitution that guarantees rights to freedom of expression, privacy and freedom from inhumane or degrading punishment.

The person filing the case was a gay man who has faced frequent violence because of his sexuality, but authorities refused to step in and protect him, said Maurice Tomlinson, senior policy analyst at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network.

“He has suffered extreme abuses … including being attacked in his own home, and the police did nothing about it,” Tomlinson told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Under Dominican law, gay people are considered criminals, “so they refused to help him,” he said.

Gay sex is punishable in Dominica, a nation of about 70,000 residents, under laws enacted 1873.

Punishments include prison terms as long as 12 years, and Dominican courts also can order offenders to be sent to psychiatric institutions.

“The existence of these laws prevents a culture and a legal environment being developed that would support LGBT people,” said Tomlinson.

“Once these laws are gone, we are legitimate members of society.”

Other countries in the region recently decriminalized same sex relations, Trinidad and Tobago last year and Belize in 2016.

Last month, Botswana’s top court voted to decriminalize homosexuality, while Bhutan’s lower house voted to repeal a similar law that needs upper chamber approval.

This would leave 68 nations where same-sex relations are illegal.

The advances in June coincided with Pride month, which marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City that were widely regarded as the start of the gay rights movement.

“While people are rightfully celebrating, I implore us all to remember that LGBT people are still harshly criminalized in many parts of the world,” said Darryl Philip, founder and head of Minority Rights Dominica, a local rights group, in a statement.

Working on the lawsuit, filed in Dominica’s High Court of Justice, are the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Minority Rights Dominica, the University of Toronto’s International Human Rights Program and Lawyers Without Borders, a not-for-profit group of lawyers who volunteer on cases around the world. (source, source)

Dominica is over 90% of African or mixed-African background, and likewise is a majority (over 60%) Catholic with a large Protestant minority. This is interesting, as while many nations in Africa have their own problems, but those people who are either Christians or converts to Christianity generally desire to live a moral life and follow what they believe to be divinely revealed religious truth. This is more than what can be said for American Christians, which while they are a majority of European descent, have overwhelmingly chosen to submit to the agenda of Sodom in spite of their profession of Faith and the implications it carries.

God does not care about the race of a man, his bank account size, or the power he claims to have. What matters is the observance of moral truth, one’s willingness to embrace it and strive for it continually, and one’s tenacity in doing this. This is the true measure of a man, for it is the qualities of the soul that come from within and not the exterior trappings that exist without.

In 2018, Ted wrote an essay on how the Bible provides the answer to the question of race through the paradigm of Ham, Shem, and Japheth, which one can read here if one has not already done so. There are many points which he addressed, and one of them was how when one (or two) of the brothers does not listen to God, the other one tends to strive to compensate for what is lacking.

In modern times, many of the sons of Shem and Japheth have left the tent of Shem and chosen to go about in ways of worldliness opposed to the teachings given to them by Noah and which were uplifted and perfected in Christ. Ham, whose paradigm the Bible designates as that of the servant and is of the spiritual line through which Christ came by way of the priesthood of Melchizedek, has become in these times the proportionally strongest of the three sons in standing against much of the moral decay that is consuming the world, especially of those sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Indeed, they have been extensively pressured by the Western world to apostatize from their beliefs, and in spite of this, they still have refused to submit.

What is one then to say of the “Christian” world in America and Europe, who willingly has submitted to those who hate them and does not care?

The sodomites ultimately do not care about the good of Dominca, or even themselves. What they are doing is attempting to force their will upon them in a power contest to assert their dominion over the world.

Indeed, it is possible that the sodomites will have their way by the permission of God, that He would allow them to get power over even those who strongly resist Him. If this happens, one should not back down or cower, but rejoice, because the power and mercy and justice of God is not changed in the least. If this happens, it is a sign that the redemption of man is at hand, for if man becomes unable to prevent the annihilation of Christ’s teachings, then God Himself will once again step down from Heaven and see to it that His world is re-established on Earth.

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