India Arrests Seventy-Nine People Over Illegal Online Ticket Rackets

India is a powerful nation, but when many people think of India, they also think of scams. The powerful subcontinent nation is home to countless scammers who swindle people out of billions of dollars each year in the US and abroad, and there are so many scandals that it has began to shake trust in people receiving calls for business matters. Likewise, Indians are known to be behind many online scams, such as cloning website or making false offers, and they also have caused among some websites a crisis of trust because one does not know if one will get what one is promised in an order.

Since India wants to be a world power, she is going to have to get some of the scamming under control because otherwise nobody will want to trust her.

Noting these facts, NDTV reports that Indian police have broken up a nationwide series of fraud rings and arrested seventy-nine people tied to illegal e-ticket bookings.

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has cracked countrywide illegal e-ticket booking rackets and arrested 79 persons, a top official said in Mumbai on Wednesday.

It has also identified 16,735 user IDs through which tickets were booked illegally for blacklisting besides blocking 27,948 tickets worth Rs 7.96 crore for upcoming journeys, said Arun Kumar, director-general of the RPF.
ANMS and MAC, the illegal softwares which the racketeers used for booking e-tickets fraudulently by getting around One Time Password (OTP) and CAPTCHA systems, were completely “neutralized” by RPF personnel, he said.

“Tickets valued around Rs 30 crore, which were already used by passengers, were also seized,” he said.

The racket existed since 2012 but became more active in the last two or three years, Arun Kumar said. (source)

This is a very small matter, and it does not address the pattern of behavior exhibited by Indian scammers, but the fact is that the ring was broken up now as India is beginning to rise more into international prominence may be a sign of changes. She wants business, and has an opportunity to get a lot from China as the COVID-19 Coronavirus has shaken confidence in China’s ability as a manufacturer. India stands to benefit, but she needs to get her corruption under control to build trust with business. This may be a sign of such.

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