Connecticut Has The Lowest Rates Of Marriage In The Nation

Connecticut is a tiny New England state, but sandwiched between New York and Massachusetts, she is comparatively prosperous and is known for a lot of business development and history as well as families and a destination for migration. But according to a recent study, Connecticut has become the state with the lowest marriage rates in the country.

Wedding bells and walks down the aisle have waned in Connecticut in the past decade and the state now has the lowest marriage rate in the nation, U.S. Census figures show.

The agency’s latest figures are from 2018, when Connecticut was tied with Maine for the rock bottom rate of 13.2 women for every 1,000 females age 15 and over who were married in the last year. Connecticut’s rate dropped from 15.6 in 2008. (source)

Connecticut is also one of the most expensive states to live in. If one does not make at least (according to our calculations and experience) about $75,000 per year, it is nearly impossible to raise a family of two, let alone more. These numbers are also very low, assuming near “bare-bones” conditions.

Marriage and family life has declined not because people don’t want to get married, but because it is too expensive and the risks of things going bad very high. There is not enough money to support oneself any more like in the past, and it is a risk which is not always worth the reward for many.

It is not that Connecticut is special, but just that the problems in her reflect a nationwide trend. All states will be affect, but some will be more than others, and it is not whether or not the problems happen or one is able to avoid them, but rather how one deals with them on the way that will determine the difference between a decent life or misery.

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