Islamic Terrorist Group Al-Shabaab Threatens Violence Against Christians In Kenya

Islamic terrorists from Al-Shabaab have terrorized Christians for years in East Africa. However, according to a new report from International Christian Concern, there have been a series of declarations made by the group threatening a new round of violence against Christians.

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Monday, February 23, al-Shabaab released an audio clip online, ordering all non-local Christians to leave three counties in northeastern Kenya. In the 20-minute clip, al-Shabaab’s spokesman, Sheikh Ali Dhere, urged Somali-Kenyans to evict all non-Muslims living and working in Garissa, Wajir, and Mandera if they do not leave of their own free will. He said, “Muslim teachers, doctors, engineers, and young graduates from the northeastern province are unemployed. Isn’t it better to give them a chance? There is no need for the presence of disbelievers.” (source)

It is interesting, as I recently reported here, that Al-Shabaab is threatening terrorist violence at the same time there is talk about terrorist violence coming from the government of Nigeria.

As I noted in my previous piece, terrorism leads to political instability, which leads to migrations and the displacement of populations. In short, if somebody wants to intentionally cause a humanitarian or refugee crisis, all one has to do is to cause enough terrorism or violence that people start to flee for their lives.

It is very interesting how these threats are coming at a time when there are reports of massive population migrations from the lands of the Middle East and Africa into Europe.

It will be interesting to see if and what Al-Shabaab does, and if this does cause a migration crisis. If this is the case, then one might want to think that it is just not simply Islamic terrorism driving the violence, but rather political forces seeking to exploit the situation to cause a migration, which can be used to drive support for nationalism, militarism, and eventually, eugenics.

It’s not about the terrorism. It’s about money, power, and controlling the world using people as expendable pawns in a game of chess played using the entire world as a chessboard.

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