Nigerian Government Officially Declares That Boko Haram Is Mass Slaughtering Christians

In a change of the often spoken message, the government of Nigeria is now officially acknowledging the mass slaughter of Christians taking place at the hands of the terrorist group Boko Haram according to the Christian persecution news site

In a complete switch, the Nigerian Federal government has released a statement that Boko Haram and its affiliate, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), are now specifically targeting Christians. The statement, made by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said that though this was not the case historically, Boko Haram has clearly started targeting Christians.

Mohammed said that, “Recall that Boko Haram insurgents didn’t use to discriminate between Christians and Muslims when they carried out their attacks in the past. Churches and mosques, Christians and Muslims were attacked without discrimination.” He continued that, “When they targeted motor parks, the religion, gender, ethnicity or political leaning of the victims didn’t matter, as long as they inflicted the maximum damage to lives and property.” (source)

It is not a surprise that Boko Haram is murdering Christians. This has been known for for a while. The question is, how is the genocide being enabled with such ease?

Most of the murdered carried out by Boko Haram have come by way of Fulani tribesmen, which comes from the Arabic word for “so-and-so” and refer to a conglomeration of miscellaneous Hausa-speaking peoples that roam the Sahel region of northern Nigeria from Senegal to parts of Southern Sudan.

Fulanis are basically wandering nomadic goat herders. While they are mostly Muslim and they do engage in trade, they are for the most part poor people.

Ask yourself, what does a bunch of poor goat herders have to gain from murdering Christians? Yes, religious violence is real, but the strong emphasis within Nigeria is very questionable, especially considering how Nigeria is a major powerhouse in West Africa, is one of the only real historical imperial Hamitic powers on the African continent, is very resource rich, has a very large population, and is the main hub of transportation for the Trans-Mediterranean oil pipeline that goes from the Atlantic Ocean, across the Sahara Desert, under the Mediterranean Sea, and into France before spreading out across Europe.

We also know that Western governments have a long history of terrorism as a tool of public policy, especially the direct support of Islamic terrorism.

Likewise, consider how the nearby land locked Sahel nation of Burkina Faso has also seen a lot of terrorism that has resulted in the creation of a humanitarian crisis.

What I am saying is not to disregard the influence of Islam, but to look at a larger picture, especially as has aggressively emphasized on the basis of various public reports that are predicting another major refugee crisis for 2020. Social instability and terrorism lead to population displacements, and given the heavy displacements in West Africa, it is likely that in addition to the Middle East, another “flood” of refugees will come from this particular region.

Christians are dying, but not just out of violence. Rather, one might consider that their deaths are possibly being aided by outside forces for a greater political cause. In other words, the persecution is not “organic”, or even inherently Islamic, but driven by political forces for financial gain and political power, and the innocent are being sacrificed to achieve this.

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