Here We Go Again: Soros Acolyte Orban Starts Calling Migrants “Invaders,” Talks About “Protecting Borders”

In June 2016, I wrote an article entitled History Is Repeating Itself As Germans Start Moving Into Neighboring Hungary While Merkel Cements Her Alliance With Islam. In this article, I detailed the history of Hungarian President Viktor Orban’s direct connections to George Soros’ Open Society Forum and how in spite of his tough-sounding nationalist rhetoric, Orban’s actions gave support to the mass transfer of peoples from the Middle East and Africa into Europe while presenting himself as one opposed to it and at the same time encouraging nationalism as well as xenophobia and violence. I recommend that you read the full article again if you have not already. has been predicting another migrant crisis on the basis of (a) direct statements from German and American think tanks declaring that 2020 would have another migrant crisis, and (b) the tremendous ongoing displacement of people caused by violence in the Sahel region of Africa and the Middle East. Ted and I have warned that another migration crisis, especially if it came at a time when it could lead to economic destabilization. Now these fears are being realized in combination with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, which is being blamed on is spread due to migrants even though such is not the case. As a result, nationalist opportunists are like sharks attracted to blood, coming to feast at the news. Such is the case of Hungarian President Viktor Orban, who has returned to making bold statements about migrants and ‘defending’ Hungary from them according to the New York Times.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Hungary would strengthen the protection of the southern border after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan informed him in that Turkey could no longer hold back the flow of migrants.

“During a phone call earlier today on migration and the current war situation in Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan informed PM Orban that there is enormous pressure on Turkey and that they can no longer hold back the flow of migrants,” the government’s press office said in a statement late on Friday.

Orban convened a meeting of his security cabinet which decided that “Hungary must strengthen the protection of its borders and pay special attention to developments on the Balkan migration route.” (source)

It is not a surprise that he is saying this as this is what he did during the 2016 refugee crisis. However, it is just political manipulation. Starving, poor people fleeing from American and European created violence in the Middle East and Africa for political gain to revive support for nationalism are not threats. Rather, the threats are men such as Orban, who profess one set of beliefs while acting in a way that opposes them.

The ‘threat’ is not from poor people. It is from those trying to use those poor people as pawn in geopolitical chess without any regard to their welfare, and who are threatening another major European war similar to those of the last century. This is the real danger, and if it does come to pass, it will descend quickly and take many by surprise.

Be ready.

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