Nationalism Rising Immediately In Greek Island As “A Powder Keg Ready To Explode” Situation Develops

The link between the forced traffick of human beings due to displacement from Western-backed political violence in the Middle East and Africa and nationalism are directly related. The problems caused by migration, which are largely being forced, are being used to drive instability across Europe, leading to xenophobia, nationalism, and ultimately if this continues, support for militarism and even eugenics.

As migrants from Iraq pass through Turkey and are located to the island of Lesbos, which has received migrants since 2016, thousands of angry Greeks have been marching through the streets in what is being described as “a powder keg ready to explode” by CNBC News.

The local economy of Lesvos, largely dependent on tourism, has taken a hit. The home of archaic poetess Sappho, the island used to draw holidaymakers for its stunning blue waters, picture-postcard villages, sun-baked olive groves, medieval fortress and world-famous petrified forest. But tourism dropped by more than 50% in 2016 and, according to business owners on the island, hasn’t recovered by nearly enough. Cruise ships are coming less often — only eight arrived in 2019 compared to 94 in 2011. Tourists that do step onto the island see refugee children reselling bus tickets and a constant flow of those making the trek between camps and into towns.

It seems the open arms that initially had greeted those coming ashore in Lesvos have finally closed. Thousands of island locals attended a protest for Athens to process or remove the refugees. General strikes have been called. “It’s a powder keg ready to explode,” regional governor Kostas Moutzouris told local news regarding the situation. (source)

This is a powder keg, and it eventually will explode.

But this explosion likely will not happen right away. It will be a slow explosion, and eventually it will involve weapons factories, marching to the sound of music, but this time instead of the melodic 19th-centuryesque tunes with modern rhythms such as the Horst Wessel Lied, it will be with the heavy metal and electronica of Synthwave or bands such as Rammstein, but all singing the same song in union: Deutschland über alles.

The Reich is returning…

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