World-Renowned Rabbi Busted On Fraud Charges Over Fake Miracles

Miracles are real, but so are people who fake them so they can get money and influence. has covered this scandal among Evangelical Protestant types around the world. It does not matter the color of his skin or the place in which he lives, but the content of his character, as people such as this do tremendous damage to the Christian faith and need to be exposed whenever possible as AFP reports by way of Yahoo! News.

An 82-year-old Israeli rabbi, head of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect, was charged Sunday with incitement to violence and fraud over alleged miracle cures.

However, frauds are not only found among Christians, and it is a long-known fact that Jewish communities, especially the “Orthodox” or “Ultra-Orthodox” ones, are filled with charlatans of all types who promise “miracles” in exchange for shekels.

In what is yet another enormous scandal coming out of the ultra-orthodox world, the famed rabbi Eliezer Berland was arrested by Israeli police on charges of fraud and incitement to violence, promising miracles for money.

Eliezer Berland, head of the Shouvou Banim sect within the Breslov Hasidic community, was arrested on February 9.
He is accused of “taking advantage of his status to extract money from people in distress, knowing full well that he could not help them”, the court indictment said.

“The accused is the head of a community of millions of worshippers for whom he has supreme authority,” it added.

He was accused of pretending to have special powers to heal the sick over many years, demanding large sums of money in exchange.

In a video shown on Israeli television in November, Berland promises to cure a child suffering from cancer, giving him medicine and demands 5,000 shekels ($1,400). (source)

It is good this arrest happened, and especially for the good will of Jews everywhere.

One of the reasons why historically there is a lot of dislike of Jews is not because of some unknown “hatred” that nobody can understand, but it is because of behavior, as there is a clear historical pattern well-described going back to (and no better stated than in) the Old Testament where it shows Jews engaging in patterns of deceptive, evil, dishonest behavior that destroys social cohesion for the benefit of themselves at the expense of the many. Much of this has to do with money scams, swindling, and using legality as a way to rob people using the letter of the law to the desecration of the spirit.

This is why violence starts, for I do not say this to justify violence, but to point out the root and, seeking the good will of the Jews (as we must seek such for all men), how to stop these things before they happen.

There are enough money-related scams that involve too often Jews at the center or close to the center of them. This is just one of them, and while it seems to have been largely oriented against other Jews, it is no less wrong, and yet it will be the innocent in the future who suffer because of the actions such as these.

This is why these things need to be stopped. It is more than money, but about preventing worse things from happening before they start.

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