Russian Government Freezes Funds For Sole Practical Kremlin Opposition Candidate

In Russia, there have been criticism and accusations that Kremlin critic Aleksy Navalny is a form of “controlled opposition”. Whether or not this is the case is less relevant than a story from AFP as reported by Yahoo! News in which Navalny claims that the Kremlin is freezing his financial resources.

Russia’s main opposition leader Alexei Navalny said Tuesday that authorities had frozen all of his bank accounts and those of his family, including his elderly parents.

The 43-year-old anti-corruption blogger, who has emerged as President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent critic, accused the Russian authorities of seeking to strangle him financially at a time when the Kremlin appears to be seeking to consolidate power during a sensitive transition period.

“All accounts have been blocked,” Navalny said on Twitter. (source)

There are many notable things that could be said about Putin. However, this is the case with almost anybody. The fact is that Putin, in spite of his claims of “Christianity” and Russian nationalism, is in reality far from this, as he is a well-known acolyte of Stalin and his life and actions, and has direct connections to persons involved in occult circles that overlap with nationalist ones.

What would you say if somebody admired Hitler’s actions? What about Chairman Mao? How about Pol Pot? Would you not be concerned, as they all have history of mass murder?

Stalin murdered at least ten million people in Ukraine alone through his policies that, working with men such as Gengrikh Yagoda or Lazar Kaganovich, resulted in mass starvation and the creation of the GULAG system. He sent millions to their deaths in World War II through miserable training that in spite of the claims of “strong Russian soliders” in reality was the government sending hordes of poorly trained Russian people into the front lines of the very well-trained Wehrmacht, and were it not for a miracle from God by way of a hard Russian winter, Russia would have been conquered by way of Operation Blau.

Russia was severely weakened by the USSR and she has not recovered. Her population is dropping by a million people a year even with migration, and her future is bleak. However, Putin insists that it is a return to Soviet ways that will save Russia.

American leaders may not care about America, but at least people in the US are still able to make money and own property without a lot of negative affects or serious kleptocracy. In Russia, this is not the case, for there is a reason why so many people want to flee Russia for almost any place except Russia.

Putin is not coming to save Russia, but if he has his way, it may result in the death of Russia and her final breakup into a series of warring states.

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