BMW In Germany Reports Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19 Coronavirus

The spread and fear of the COVID-19 Coronavirus around the world has been causing, rationally or not, companies to shut down and entire economies to stop. It is not so much the virus from what we can see at this point, but the fear of the virus that is causing so much chaos. Following an interesting development from Germany and reported on from Reuters by way of Zero Hedge, an employee for BMW in Germany has tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the company to send over one-hundred and fifty people in for self-quarantine.

On Monday morning, a Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) AG spokesman confirmed that one employee has tested positive for Covid-19, and over 100 others are in self-quarantine, reported Reuters.

The disturbing report of a potential breakout of the deadly virus at a BMW research facility in Munich, Germany, comes as the country has already confirmed 150 cases on Monday, up from 129 on Sunday.

BMW said at least 150 employees at its Group Research and Innovation Center FIZ were in contact with the infected employee and have been sent home for two weeks of self-quarantine. (source)

In the context of this article, one should re-listen to the interview between the BBC and Niklas Frank, the son of the former governor of Nazi-occupied Poland.

In his words, “do not trust Germany,” and in his words, “as long as our economy is great and as long as we make money, everything is very democratic, but let’s wait and see if we have heavy economic problems, and the lake is a swamp, and a sea and will swallow again everything.”

Frank understands German society very well, and that is, Germany is the powerhouse of Europe and loves to make money, and as long as Germany is earning money, she is going to be fine. However, we know for a fact that Germany’s economy is not good, and that the intentional expenses incurred by the government due to the refugee crisis has drained her treasury and economically damaged the world’s fourth largest economy.

There is another refugee crisis- a MANUFACTURED crisis to be accurate -taking place right now in Europe. Likewise, the fear of the COVID-19 virus being spread throughout the world is causing damage to economies by stopping the flow of goods and supplies in the supply chain for manufacturing.

This will inevitably affect Germany. How much it affects Germany is to be seen, but one should be very careful with this because if Germany experiences serious economic problems, as Frank pointed out, the migrants will be used as scapegoats for the problems, at which point there will be violence committed against them in the name of “saving Germany” and one could see a revival of militarism and eugenics.

Remember the words of Professor Jason Jorjani from the alt-right- eventually, the nationalism would spark a war that would be used to massacre tens of millions of migrants out of national pride, and at the same time rehabilitate the image of Hitler as “another great European leader” instead of the eugenicist and mass murderer that he was.

You are witnessing World War III forming before your eyes.

Be ready.

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