European Tourism Crushed Due To Virus Spread With Over A Billion Euros Losses Each Month

Tourism is a major sector for the European nations, as many of them rely on their past history with Christianity in order to earn money even though they largely do not believe in anything any more.

However, Europe’s lucrative tourism industry is now crashing, with losses of over a billion Euros a month due to virus fears

Across Europe, normally bustling tourist sites have seen visitor numbers plummet amid fears over the coronavirus epidemic. On Monday, the EU’s industry chief said the tourism sector was losing around €1 billion a month because of the virus.

The figure was announced by the EU’s Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton, who had previously warned that tourism was one of the sectors likely to be hit hardest financially as the virus continues to spread. (source)

This is not good, as it is going to contribute to a crash in the European economy. If this happens, it will likely not only be blamed on the virus, but also on the migrants as vectors for the virus even though they are not actually transmitting it. This will naturally cause a rise in nationalism that could be translated to militarism or worse.

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