The Chinese Now Seem To Be Trying To Blame The Americans For The Coronavirus, Or More Proof That The Chinese Are Horrible Liars

I have said before that the Americans are master liars, the Russians are master bluffers, but the Chinese can neither lie nor bluff, and their attempts to do either result in them looking foolish, insane, unstable, questionable, or all and more of the like.

According to the Russian news site Panorama and by way of Xinhua and CCTV, the Chinese government “found” empty biohazard containers buried in the backyard of a US consulate general that have “unquestionable material” supposedly linking the US to the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China formally requested the United States of America to explain that biohazard containers were found buried in the evacuated consulate general in Wuhan. The PRC security forces cordoned off other US diplomatic missions in the country.

The department said that a total of eight containers with biohazard labels were found. Xinhua News Agency also published their photo in a military warehouse near the consulate. The boxes were wrapped in two layers of tarpaulin and buried in the backyard of the Consulate General at a depth of one and a half meters. Their contents are now being studied by Chinese military biologists. (source)

Now it is true that the US does a lot of things that are questionable. However, the fact is that it is very odd that biological waste containers with an extremely deadly virus would just be buried in a tarp somewhere in an embassy backyard. One would not need even large containers such as this, but just a tiny one.

Likewise, this also comes at a time when tremendous evidence points to the Chinese as the source, and not just from the Americans, but from all sides.

This is most likely (as one wants to wait to be absolutely sure) a miserable attempt by the Chinese to lie and try to put the blame on the Americans for the virus spread. I am not saying that the US did or did not have a role in the spread by direct action. What I am saying is that China is a real bad liar, and that it is quite obvious there was serious incompetency as well as spying from China and stealing bioweapons that was tied to how the virus got out and spread.

China can say all that she wants to, but until she answers basic questions, making weird “discoveries” such as this only demonstrates the pattern of her past behavior, which is that of a tyrant trying desperately to blame her problems on somebody else while it is completely obvious to everybody around her that she is the source of the problem. Instead of helping her on an international level, this action will probably serve to isolate China further and eventually draw business from her and into her rival of India, who is being backed by the US and which also poses a serious threat to China’s growing power.

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