Iranian General Declares: ‘The Coronavirus Is A Biological Weapon Against Iran And China.’

By Theodore Shoebat

An Iranian general, Ghulam Reza Jalali, recently stated that the coronavirus is a bio-weapon against Iran and China, as we read in a report from al-Hurra:

Brigadier General Ghulam Reza Jalali, claimed that what he called the spread of fear and panic from the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in his country supports the theory of an organized biological attack against China and Iran.

In a statement published by the semi-official Fars News Agency, Jalali said that studying what the virus leads to in terms of the number of deaths, the extent of its spread and the type of media propaganda that the media makes about the virus with the aim of sowing terror among people from the spread of the virus confirms speculation that a biological attack against China and Iran has been launched for economical targets. “

On Wednesday, the Iranian Ministry of Health announced that it recorded 15 additional deaths and 586 infections, bringing the total national toll to 92 deaths and 2922 cases.