Thousands Of Protesters In Germany March, Demand “Open Borders”, And Why The Refugees Need To Go Back

As thousands of migrants march into Europe, thousands of Germans rallied in support of refugees according to the German media outlet Deutsche Welle.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Berlin on Tuesday in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s official residence to demand the opening of the border between Turkey and the European Union.

At least three thousand people gathered in Berlin while similar protests were held in Hamburg and Potsdam, according to German media.

The group “Seebrücke” (“Sea Bridge”), which led the protests, wrote online that it stands “against the policy of sealing off the EU and for the opening of the borders.” Seebrücke says it wants “safe passages and an end to the criminalization of civil sea rescue.” (source)

I will say this here: the refugees need to go back…

…but NOT for the reasons stated by the nationalist types.

Allow me to explain.

I have put these two clips in my writings before, and I put them in again because they are gravely important. If you have not watched them, you need to. The first is an interview snip with Niklas Frank, son of the Nazi governor of occupied Poland, and the second is a secret interview with Professor Jason Jorjani.

In the first video, Frank says that as long as Germans make money, they don’t care about refugees. However, the minute they stop and the economy goes bad, they could turn against the migrants and do to them what happened to the Jews and the Slavs.

In the second video, Professor Jorjani outright admits that the migrants- fifty to a hundred million people -will be slaughtered in a new war, and part of this war will involve rehabilitating the image of Hitler as a “great European leader” instead of a “monster who deserves his own special category.”

This is why the refugees need to go back.

It has NOTHING to do with “saving Europa” or other nationalist claptrap. In fact, it has nothing to do with Europe and Europeans at all.

It has to do with the safety of the migrants.

These people are being FORCED out of their homes through American and EU (German) engineered violence in their homelands. Violence and war always cause migration, and as exposed and has continued to expose and document since 2016, the Americans and EU used a network of players to mass smuggle people into Europe.

It was arguably the biggest human trafficking operation in modern history, and perhaps all of history.

The reason for this was not to “help migrants”, but to use these people like chess pieces in a game of geopolitics, where the intention is to sacrifice- murder -them all later.

We are watching a giant trap get set, and the migrants are the mice, and the trap will kill the mouse and be used to feed the cat, which is the nationalist and miltiaristic desires of Germany and the other nations of Europe who want to re-assert their old empires, but this time without Christianity and God as a part of a new, pagan order while also using Christianity as a cover for their own evils.

This is why I am saying the phrase used by ultranationalist types of “they need to go back”, but without the ethnocentrism and racism.

This is about saving human lives, especially those of the innocent, and those are the migrants. It is not their fault their nations were destroyed for political gain to force migration from them. They are being forced to bear the consequences for the actions of some very evil men who want a new form of eugenics.

It is good that people in Germany want to support refugees, and there are many of them. But at this point, the best thing they can do is go back, for now we can send them home in planes, because if the nationalists have their way- and they are very close -they only thing they will sent them to is “concentration centers” by way of trains, and likely tell them that “Arbeit Macht Frei” before executing them as what happened almost a century ago.

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