Migrants Chant “Open The Gates” At The Greek-Turkish Border

In a scene that looks like something out of a film, France24 reported that migrants from Iraq, fleeing American and European created violence and are seeking passage into Europe, gathered at the Greek-Turkish border and chanted “open the gates.”

The brief clashes occurred as many desperate migrants tried to break through the fence, according to AFP journalists at the scene, but they quickly ended the volley or rocks and instead sat peacefully chanting “freedom” and “open the gates”.

Makeshift camps for thousands of migrants have sprung up around the border since Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said last week that his country would no longer stop them from trying to leave.

Many say they are being pushed to attempt illegal entry to Greece.

“They (the Turkish military) told us that if you don’t go to the border… you will be forced to come back to Turkey and people don’t want to come back because they don’t have any good opportunities, there isn’t anything,” Ali, an Iranian, told AFP. (source)

Note the highlighted part.

Ted, Walid, and I have reported without ceasing since 2016 that the migrant crisis of four years ago, like the migrant crisis today, is being used to revive nationalism as a part of bringing back militarism, and eventually to slaughter the migrants in the name of reviving Europe’s old empires.

These migrants are pawns in a game of chess that the EU (Germany) is playing. This includes Germany’s 1500-year-old ally, Turkey.

Europe wants illegal crossings so they can claim that “criminal migrants are invading,” when the reality is these are desperate and poor people being abused along every step of their journey, from inciting war in their homelands to harassment from the Turkish authorities, to harassment from European nations, and eventually, to being shipped off to new concentration camps like those in World War II.

Perhaps instead of focusing on “the migrants”, the focus should be on the political, business, and military leaders in Europe that were crucial to instigating this crisis.

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