AG Barr Says That He Will Make “Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes” A “Priority” Of The Federal Government

The Trump administration has recently announced by way of Attorney General Barr that “anti-semitic crimes” will be made a “priority” for the Trump administration, with “zero tolerance” for them according to a report form CNN.

Attorney General William Barr said the Justice Department will become more involved in combating hate crimes against the Jewish community as the number of anti-Semitic attacks has soared in recent years.
Speaking Tuesday alongside a group of Jewish community leaders in Brooklyn, New York, Barr said he would lower the threshold for federal involvement in cases of violence against Jews.

“These are the kinds of cases that maybe in the past would have been treated locally, but I think it’s important for the federal government to plant its flag and to show zero tolerance, and this will not be an isolated case,” Barr said. “We will move aggressively when we see this kind of activity.” (source)

The issue here is not about stopping actual hate, as has made clear that we oppose eugenics and racism, for there are many people who use criticism of Judaism to advance their own eugenic ends. This is not good.

However, the reality is that often times, criticism of Judaism is intentionally equivocated with ‘hatred’ in order to have a legal option to shut down and destroy people who expose and discuss what are legitimately disordered and sometimes the outright evil teachings of the Talmud and the Kabbalah, let alone the actions of Jews who execute said commands.

The question then becomes, what makes it so important for Jews to get a privelage advocacy status when Christians are openly harassed and persecuted and have to defend themselves for preaching scripture, and many times are attacked by the government and society alike for standing up for Christian moral teaching?

Likewise, as always, what constitutes an “anti-semite”? Is it a person who truly encourages a hatred of Judaism, or is it a person who opposes contemporary Jewish beliefs and practices because they are objectively opposed for religions reason or because they are objectively immoral things?

For example, is it “anti-semitic” to expose Jews who call for racism and violence or when they say that 100,000 non-Jewish lives are not worth a “single Jewish fingernail”, or when major Jewish rabbis call Africans monkeys and only “white people” are worth praying for? What about Jews who commit violence against Christians and defend anti-Christian hatred while promoting National Socialism? Is it “anti-semitic” to repeat the declarations of Jews when they boast that Jewish life and homosexuality in Soviet Russia were inseparable? It is “anti-semitic” to talk about the influence of Jewish money in US politics when Jews themselves brag about buying off US political candidates, or how the American porn industry is a creation of Jewish perverts forcing their will on the court system?

These are the questions that matter, because Jewish life is just as important as non-Jewish life, in spite of what some Rabbis and Talmudic “scholars” have said in modern and past ages, because all men are created in the image and likeness of God, and the mercy and justice of God apply equally to both because God loves all men regardless of race or tribal affiliation.

It is true there is corruption in every religious group without exception. Evil of all kinds should be exposed because truth is what matters, as it sets a man free. This is not limited to any one group either. In other words, one should not “expose the Muslims” without addressing fellow Christians, or pagans, or Jews.

Yet this is the concern, because there is a clear pattern from history of major Jewish figures attempting to hide their misdeeds, even going so far as to attack and attempt to destroy the lives of fellow Jews of good will who also want to expose such evils for the sake of moral righteousness.

It is good to protect Jewish people from evil violence, but “protection” cannot include using the law to cover for moral license, nor can it be used as a shield to abuse Christians or other persons with.

This is where the criticism that I have noted of “MIGA” (Make Israel Great Again) and not MAGA applies, since Trump’s actions and his administration, far from looking out for American interests, seem have a pattern of showing disproportionate favor for Jewish and Israeli interests and equally and simultaneously at the expense of American and even Christian ones.

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