Biden Lashes Out At Woman In Detroit, Declares “You Are Full Of Sh*t”

The more I see of Biden, the more I see him as President. Biden- an elderly, unhinged, crazy man is truly the President that America deserves because if anything would be to hold a “mirror to one’s face”, it would be to have him in the White House.

In Biden’s latest bid, he went off one a rant reported on by WWJ Radio in Detroit, saying “You are full of sh*t” to a woman trying to express her support for the Second Amendment.

Courting votes in Michigan’s very important primary — which some believe could be the final stand-off between Biden and Democratic rival Bernie Sanders — Biden wasn’t exactly jolly.

“You’re gonna take away our guns,” the worker tells Biden as he walks by in close quarters, surrounded by workers and the media.

Biden misses no beat before responding, “You’re full of sh**.”

“Shush-shush!” Biden says to a woman who tries to interject “I support the Second Amendment.” (source)

But in seriousness, that Biden is a reflection of us is not a good thing.

There are a lot of problems in the US. One of them is the proliferation of insanity and insane behavior masquerading as normal life.

It is a serious social problem, and it rears its ugly head each time in public debates.

The US has many wonderful things, but there are also a lot of issues that need to be addressed.

Will it take Biden to force the country to realize that something is wrong, that the political system is a two-party joke where nothing is meant to get accomplished because the families who run and control the major business interests that fund all politicians on both sides don’t want prosperity, but only for themselves and slavery for all?

I am not saying I support him or many of his views, as he has a lot of immoral ideas.

I’m saying that Biden is, in many ways, a mirror of ourselves, and we should start taking a very close look in the mirror about who we are or what we have become.

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