Turkish Government Declares That They Cannot Stop Migrants And COVID-19 Will Spread Among Them

The government of Turkey has declared that the COVID-19 coronavirus cannot be stopped from spreading among the migrants, even as they pass into Europe according to a report from NBC News.

Turkey’s ambassador to the United States, Serdar Kilic, says the European Union must do more to help his country absorb an influx of refugees from the war in neighboring Syria after Ankara said it would not stop refugees from leaving Turkey to enter E.U. territory.

Kilic also said his country had taken steps to bolster security on its border with Iran to counter the threat of the coronavirus but that trying to prevent the spread of the virus in refugee camps in Syria would be a “mission impossible.”

“We have reached the limits of our capabilities” to accept refugees, Kilic told reporters. “We told them, if you want to leave Turkey, you are free to do so. We have been hosting those people around eight years in Turkey.” (source)

The eighth most powerful military in the world and the second largest army in Europe could easily stop a bunch of poor, starving, malnourished people running across roads and mountains. The fact is that Turkey does not want to do this for political reasons, because she is part of enabling the migration crisis as she is working with her historical ally of Germany and the US (remember that the US has been selling weapons since the 1860s to the Ottoman Empire, which were used in the Christian genocides).

While it is likely true the virus will naturally spread among many migrants, this is propaganda meant to feed the line of, as Ted, Walid, and I have all pointed out at Shoebat.com, “disease infested migrants invading Europe”.

This is a political play, and the migrants are unwilling actors in their own Truman-show type scenario, except while Truman Burbank eventually discovers he is on a show and is able to escape, many of these migrants “end” of their “show” comes, in the words of Professor Jason Jorjani, with their mass deaths in the name of eugenics, nationalism, and reviving empires.

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