Democrat Nomination Gets Even Crazier As Biden Wins Michigan

The Democrat presidential nominations for 2020 have been insane, and they just took another turn closer to the local asylum as former Vice President Biden won Michigan, pushing him further the nominations for the Democrat party as the New York Times reports.

After his big victories yesterday in Michigan and several other states, Joe Biden is the emphatic favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination. It’s difficult to see how Bernie Sanders catches up. So it’s not too soon to imagine what Biden’s general-election campaign would ideally look like. It’s not too soon for advice. (source)

If Biden gets the nomination- which most people would probably agree he should not have simply because he shows clear signs that he is unfit for the presidency -then it is almost a given that he is being forced in so that he would lose and Trump would win.

Seriously, will most people regardless of political affiliation want a man in the White House who talks about and acts in ways that are either highly socially inappropriate or indicate signs of a failing mind and body?

They will not. Instead, a lot of Democrats likely would stay home. Biden does not energize the Democrat base, but rather embarrasses them.

Trump, as much as people may not like him, could win over Biden, especially if his antics are allowed to continue.

This would only ensure a Democrat 2024 victory, for as I have warned, there is a strong chance that one will see a “night of long knives” in the party in early 2021, followed by a “rebirth” while the Republicans go through the same process.

It is all a part of the show that is politics, for both parties are controlled by the same financial backers, and politics is a reality television show for those too lacking in physical attraction or diction to be movie stars.

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