Church Attendance Drops By Half Since 2000

I have said before that Church attendance is not increasing in spite of the constant propaganda from the American and evangelical right, but that it is dying and fast, following a trend of death with the previous generations. As the Boomer pass to history, so will a lot of American Christianity because their progeny at large do not believe and do not care at all.

This sad fact has been evidenced by a new study showing that since 2000, Christian practice has dropped by half according to a Barna Group poll reported by way of Christian Headlines.

The Barna Group, a research agency focusing on Christianity, has found that just one in four Americans can be considered “practicing Christians,” a significantly smaller percentage (25 percent) of the U.S. population than in 2000 when “45 percent of all those sampled qualified as practicing Christians.”

Barna shared the finding in the latest report on the yearlong State of the Church 2020 project, which the report says explores “the current challenges and opportunities facing the Church” with an “aim to shed more light on why Americans’ relationship to churches is changing and help Christians discern a faithful direction forward.” (source)

This trend is most likely going to continue.

With the way that society has changed, it will be that in the future, Christians will become a persecuted minority because the faith is directly opposed to the beliefs that are being promulgated in society.

What I am saying is, while it might be a few decades away, prepare for serious legalized persecutions.

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