Germany Changes Rules Because Of COVID-19 To Expand Debt has said, based on the reports available, that a declining German economy in combination with a refugee crisis would likely result in a direct increase in nationalism towards xenophobia and militarism.

In light of this virus, Germany is now allowing for an expansion of debt to “help” with its effects as it has been reported by Reuters.

Germany’s debt brake rule allows for exceptions in extraordinary situations and the coronavirus crisis is such a case, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday, adding that the government’s focus now was not how its budget works out.

Under the German debt brake rule, the federal government can take on new debt of up to 0.35% of economic output.

“The debt brake … provides for exceptions in extraordinary situations – and that is, as I said yesterday, really not our topic as to how the budget balance will look in the end,” Merkel told a news conference. “We are in a situation that is unusual in every respect and I would say more unusual than at the time of the banking crisis.” (source)

Put this puzzle together.

Refugees are being trafficked to Europe.

They will be brought to Germany.

Many will have the virus.

As warned, the cries of “disease infected migrants” will spread among the nationalists.

This will aggravate the current situation in the country with the virus.

The government will start spending money to stop the virus. Some will go to refugees.

The call of “refugees stealing from native Germans to help diseased invaders” will be heard again.

Nationalism will be called as well as militarism and possibly eugenics.

People will be angry, and that will be channeled to the above political use.

The declines in Germany’s economy will only feed this.

It is a giant, continuous circle. One thing will feed the next, and eventually the concern is not the virus, but what will come AFTER the virus, for it will lead to revolution and war, and most likely on a global scale.

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