Is It Possible That A Sodomite Democrat Politician Almost Killed Another Man By Shoving Too Much Meth Into His Rectum?

Former Democrat political candidate Andrew Gillum was caught with a sodomite prostitute, but also in a very compromising situation, after the prostitute appeared to overdose on crystal meth according to a report by way of the New York Post.

Andrew Gillum was caught in a room with more than just drugs.

The man who overdosed on crystal meth in a Florida hotel room with Gillum, a Democrat who made an unsuccessful bid for Florida governor, was an openly gay male escort with a profile on the website, Florida’s Local10 reported Friday.

Travis Dyson also identified himself as a “pornstar performer” who offered services including “gay massage”

Gillum has been married to wife R. Jai Gillum since 2009. Together. the couple has three children.

The former Tallahassee mayor was found vomiting and intoxicated with Dyson at the Mondrian South Beach, according to a police report first obtained by the Miami Herald. (source)

I have a serious question to ask here. It may sound strange or gross, but I ask this in a serious way.

Did the man overdose from having too much meth shoved into his rectum?

Seriously. Is this what happened?

We know that there was an overdose.

We know that he was with Gillum.

We know that the escort had meth on him.

We know that sodomites love to take meth because it gives them a “boost” of energy while it also has a tendency to contract the colorectal muscles, which they like because it make that region ‘feel tighter’ and also gives them the ‘strength’ to go on long bouts of sodomite activity without stopping.

We know that sodomites love to practice ‘slamming’, which is shoving meth into the rectum before sodomizing each other, since it gets right into the bloodstream, increases the sensations, and tends to act faster. If you desire to, you can read about the practice in our archives.

We know that people have died from putting drugs or alcohol into their rectums because it absorbs fast into the bloodstream and can poison a man.

We know that sodomites have died from doing such.

Now we cannot confirm that this person died from ‘slamming’ too much meth. In fact, we cannot say any cause definitively because

However, the circumstances suggest the possibility of such because of the nature of the incident. Again, since we do not have any clear proof, such things are subject naturally to the emergence of more and clearer evidence. Cut this pattern has happened before, and it would be a serious error to refuse to consider such.

It is a disgusting and gross thing to consider, but such is the reality of Sodom, something that so few wish to talk about.

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