New Poll Declares That Only Thirty Percent Of Americans Have A Positive Impression Of Evangelicals

Christianity has been on the decline in the US Fro a time, and it is a very serious matter. Many Churches have not taken it seriously, and while many Evangelicals feel a strong sense of attachment to the nation, many Americans do not feel a positive connection with them, for a new poll from the Barna Group and reported by the Christian Post says that only thirty percent of Americans have a positive impression of Evangelicals.

Thirty percent of adults in the United States have a “positive” perception of evangelicals as Americans increasingly view the religious demographic through a political lens, newly released Barna Group research indicates.

According to the evangelical polling firm, evangelicals make up about 6 percent of the U.S. population but have assumed a “unique place in national discourse.”

“Based on a nationwide study of U.S. adults, we found that, though many people still view evangelicals as a committed group of believers who put their faith first, their political connotation puts the future of American evangelicalism in a precarious spot,” a summary of the new report, “The Brand of Evangelicals,” reads. (source)

Public impressions certainly are not what matters the most, but they are important because if they become low enough, especially in the US, where impressions are so emphasized, it may become a way of legitimizing anti-Christian persecution. This is already happening right now with the rise of the LGBT, as may would rather support sodom than Christianity.

There are many social changes coming, and regardless of the historical ties of Christianity to the US, it may come to a point where one is persecuted for being a Christian in the US in a way similar to that of what happened in the ancient world.

Do not say that such is impossible. It is very possible. History has a very uncomfortable way of repeating itself in different contexts and places.

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