Study Declares That 86% Of People Infected With COVID-19 Don’t Know It

A report from the New York Post has declared that large numbers of people are walking around infected with COVID-19 and are not aware it, with numbers as high as 86%.

“Stealth” coronavirus cases are fueling the pandemic, with a staggering 86% of people infected walking around undetected, a new study says.

Six of every seven cases – 86% — were not reported in China before travel restrictions were implemented, driving the spread of the virus, according to a study Monday in the journal Science.

“It’s the undocumented infections which are driving the spread of the outbreak,” said co-author Jeffrey Shaman of Columbia University Mailman School, according to GeekWire.

Using computer modeling, researchers tracked infections before and after the Chinese city of Wuhan’s travel ban.

The findings indicated that these undocumented infections with no or mild symptoms — known as “stealth” cases — were behind two-thirds of the reported patients. (source)

What we are looking at here is flu season.

Almost everybody gets the flu or sick in some fashion. However, very few have died.

The danger is not the flu itself, but the panic that it is being used to cause in society.

Right now, people should be worried about what it is being used to justify, not what it could do.

9/11 lasted for one day, but its policies and how it changed the culture forever are still in effect, almost two decades after the incident.

This is the real threat.

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