North Macedonia To Join NATO

The country of North Macedonia, formerly called Macedonia or FYROM, now appears to be entering fully into NATO as the European Western Balkans briefing has declared its acceptance will come in a matter of weeks.

ATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in Zagreb that North Macedonia would become the 30th member of the North Atlantic Alliance in a few weeks, reports N1. “We welcome the fact that Croatia has been a strong supporter of NATO’s open door policy”, Stoltenberg told reporters in Zagreb after meeting with Croatian President Zoran Milanović. Milanović said that he had talked with Stoltenberg about the situation in the world, the region, Syria, migrants problem, but above all about the presence, work and participation of Croatian units in the mission in Afghanistan. (source)

North Macedonia is a landlocked nation in a critical region of the Balkans, for sitting between Greece, Serbia (and Kosovo), Albania, and Bulgaria, she provides one of two major routes of access from Anatolia through the Balkans into Central Europe.

Right now, there are massive refugee migrations taking place, forced by European and American policy, into Europe.

Will we start to see massive numbers of “migrants” flood into North Macedonia now? It is possible, as the refugees are extensions of US policy in Europe building up towards a larger war.

What will be interesting to pay attention to is possible refugee relocations to that area, or “visits” from German or Turkish authorities. Turkey right now has over three million migrants, Germany continues to take them in, and North Macedonia is both a semi-rural as well as strategic but still out-of-the-way area in Europe to allow for ease of mass transportation.

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