Republicans Prepare To Give A “Trump Stack” To Americans Earning Under $75,000

Forget about Obama phones, it is the age of the “Trump stack”, or a government check paid out to people according to a deal reported on by US News, would pay people who earn less than $75,000 per year a check of $1,200 USD to help them with the economic effects of the COVID-19 virus.

AMERICANS STAND TO receive checks of up to $1,200 under Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus measure aimed at blunting widespread economic effects of the pandemic.

Those who make under $75,000 a year would receive a direct payment of $1,200 under the bill, which was introduced Thursday evening. Americans who make over $75,000 would receive $5 less for every $100 they make over that threshold, while those with incomes over $99,000 would get nothing. Households with children would receive an additional $500 per child.

The payments would be based on the adjusted gross income from their 2018 tax filings, and couples who file taxes jointly would receive payment based on their joint income – for example, a couple that made $150,000 in 2018 would get a $2,400 check.

Negotiations on the Senate GOP’s bill will kick into high gear on Friday when Republicans start working with their Democratic counterparts and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin comes back to Capitol Hill to help facilitate the discussions.

“These bipartisan discussions must begin immediately and continue with urgency at the member level until we have results,” McConnell said as he introduced the bill. “The Senate is not going anywhere until we take action.” (source)

One may remember, as I have reported, that over 75% of Americans earn less than $60,000 per year.

This would mean that a check goes out to most people.

People said that Obama would implement socialism, but where is the concern about Trump doing this?

If Trump was to pay out the $1,200 checks, it would be larger than the “$1000” promised by former Democrat contender Andrew Yang.

If this is not socialism, than what else could it be?

Yet while these discussions are taking place, the silence from the right is deafening.

At least the left is honest about their attempts to implement socialism (I am not saying this is good, but just honest in their intentions). The right is doing the exact same thing, but just not as blatantly.

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