Trump’s Slumlord Son-In-Law Tries To Run And Hide After If Comes Out He Declared That COVID-19 Is ‘Fake News’ And He “Doesn’t Take Any Responsibility For It At All”

In the New Testament, when Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Christ, was caught, he ran away as fast as he could and hung himself. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has a history of highly questionable business dealings with his father, has like his spiritual and fellow tribal ancestor Judas ran away from public scrutiny after veritable career-suicidal comments of his were exposed where he said that COVID-19 is ‘fake news’ and that he “doesn’t take any responsibility for it at all” according to Vanity Fair.

As Donald Trump made abundantly clear last week, by just coming out and saying it, he doesn’t take “any responsibility at all” for the federal government’s horribly botched response to the coronavirus. Of course, as president of the United States, he bears full responsibility, and for the most part, really has only himself to blame for a spiraling crisis that has killed 88 Americans so far. Still, there are definitely a few individuals along the way who deserve some subsidiary blame for the situation the country currently finds itself in. For instance, the aides too scared to tell him the things he didn’t want to hear. Also: his idiot son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

We already knew that Kushner—who has no expertise in anything, save for wildly overestimating his capabilities and his work as a slumlord—believes the deadly pandemic is “more about public psychology than a health reality.” But according to the New York Times, he also advised Trump, in the early days of the catastrophe, that their favorite punching bag was basically making the whole thing up:

Mr. Kushner’s early involvement with dealing with the virus was in advising the president that the media’s coverage exaggerated the threat. (source)

Jared Kushner does not act “presidential.” Rather, he acts very parasitic.

In times of crisis, nations look to their leader for guidance, for good or bad, and regardless of details.

Kushner’s comments portray him for what he is- a man who wants power, but does not care about the good will of the people whose life’s he influences, save for his own benefit.

The real heroes are the people on ground helping those with the virus, or those in government trying to make good decisions in the face of a very legally and medically difficult scenario, or those trying to help people by whatever other means they are able to reasonably do so in their particular idiom. While there is little that we can do at to stop it, our desire is the same- to try to give the best analysis of the situation you can so that from this crisis, you might be able to better weather it.

But what is Kushner doing?

Running away and hiding, after being exposed for having disdain for the welfare of the suffering of the common man.

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