Democrats Stall On Voting For Giving Out Trump Stacks To Americans

“Socialist” Obama gave away phones, but in making “America great again”, Trump is now preparing to give out cash payments to American in what are socialist payment and what I have referred to as “Trump stacks”. Republicans in Congress at the behest of Trump have been attempting to give out “Trump stacks” to the people in a social bailout of what was given to corporations in 2007, but the Democrats have continued to stall.

resident Donald Trump expressed qualms Monday about extending the current 15-day shutdown recommended by the federal government, even as his officials warned that the coronavirus crisis is deepening and Congress ran into more roadblocks trying to complete a nearly $2 trillion economic rescue package.

At the Capitol, tempers flared and emotions were raw as senators wrangled over critically needed aid. Democrats blocked another vote to advance the package, trying to steer more of the assistance to public health and workers. They argue the package is tilted toward corporations.

Trump sounded a note of impatience about the two weeks of suspended public activities his administration recommended Americans live through starting a week ago. In all capital letters, he tweeted: “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. At the end of the 15-day period, we will make a decision as to which way we want to go.”

His suggestion that the remedies may be more harmful than the outbreak contradicts the advice of medical experts across the country.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi assailed Trump’s apparent wavering on the federal response and statements he’s made about the pandemic that some of his public-health officials have had to walk back. (source)

The irony of this is because the Democrats are openly socialist and have advocated for such programs many times and to which in response the Republicans have warned against them.

Therefore, it makes no sense that the Democrats would oppose the Republicans- actually, from a principled viewpoint, the Democrats are acting out of character, and are doing what the Republicans should be.

However, it makes no sense only if one does not consider that the Republicans and the Democrats are the exact same party in that they adhere to the same philosophy and are both sides of the same animal that help each other.

This is not about “hating Trump” or not. Rather, as I have said before, the only thing an action like this would do, since it understandably will anger many Americans, will put Trump back into office.

Think about it- who would you vote for? TRUMP who is “trying to help give money to suffering working people and small businesses”, or the EVIL DEMOCRATS whose “refusal to give support” is “putting suffering Americans on the street”?

I am not praising either side. They are both evil. This is a game you are seeing, and the average man in his stressed out, tired, beat economic situation, is now the chess piece of what the US has done in other countries.

Ignore Trump and Pelosi both, for it is not about either as they are both advancing socialism. We are not seeing a conflict between parties, but a paradigm shift which both support and are a part of.

There is very little that you or I can do to stop it, as it has built up for a very long time and is rooted in fundamentals not easily altered.

What you can do is to prepare oneself for the future.

The time for political debating is over, for it does not matter what party one supports as all things will lead to the exact same end.

Now is the time to get ready, to work hard, to earn money, pay bills, and prepare to help oneself and one’s family, for it will be critical in order to survive in the future.

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