Man In Florida Gets Coronavirus, The Doctor Tells Him That He Is Going To Die. The Man Then Takes The Medicine That Trump Said Could Cure The Coronavirus. By The Next Day, The Man Is Healed

By Theodore Shoebat

A man in Florida, named Rio Giardinieri, got coronavirus and the doctor told him that he was going to die and that there was nothing more that he could do. The man said goodbye to his wife and three children, and had made peace with his death. But, a friend sent him an article about hydroxychloroquine, the very medicine that Trump said could be the cure for coronavirus. Giardinieri asked a doctor about hydroxychloroquine and he gave him a number of reasons why he should not take it. But Giardinieri told the doctor that his death was soon and he had nothing to lose. They put hydroxychloroquine in his IV and by the next day he felt as if he never had coronavirus. As we read a report from the New York Post:

Rio Giardinieri, 52, told Los Angeles’ Fox 11 that he struggled with horrendous back pain, headaches, cough and fatigue for five days after catching COVID-19, possibly at a conference in New York.

Doctors at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in South Florida diagnosed him with the coronavirus and pneumonia and put him on oxygen in the ICU, he told the outlet.

After more than a week, doctors told him there was nothing more they could do and, on Friday evening, Giardinieri said goodbye to his wife and three children.

“I was at the point where I was barely able to speak and breathing was very challenging,” Giardinieri said. “I really thought my end was there.”

Then a friend sent him a recent article about hydroxychloroquine, a prescription drug that’s been used to treat malaria for decades and auto-immune diseases like lupus.

Giardinieri said he contacted an infectious disease doctor about the drug.

“He gave me all the reasons why I would probably not want to try it because there are no trials, there’s no testing, it was not something that was approved,” said Giardinieri.

“And I said, ‘Look, I don’t know if I’m going to make it until the morning,’ because at that point I really thought I was coming to the end because I couldn’t breathe anymore,” Giardinieri continued.

“He agreed and authorized the use of it and 30 minutes later the nurse gave it to me.”

After about an hour on an IV with the medicine, Giardinieri said, it felt like his heart was beating out of his chest and, about two hours later, he had another episode where he couldn’t breathe.

He says he was given Benadryl and some other drugs and that when he woke up around 4:45 a.m., it was “like nothing ever happened.”

He’s since had no fever or pain and can breathe again. Giardinieri said doctors believe the episodes he experienced were not a reaction to the medicine but his body fighting off the virus.

Giardinieri, the vice president of a company that manufactures cooking equipment for high-end restaurants in Los Angeles, said he had three doses of the medicine Saturday and is hoping to be discharged from the hospital in five days.

“To me, there was no doubt in mind that I wouldn’t make it until morning,” said Giardinieri. “So to me, the drug saved my life.”

Death from coronavirus is a result of fluid drowning your lungs. The fluid is the immune system launching an extremely strong response to the virus. What hydroxychloroquine does is slow the immune system so that the filling up of the lungs with liquid is hindered to the point that you can breathe and your body can adequately fight against the infection. William Grace, a doctor who has successfully treated 100 coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine (without one death), has defended the use of the drug. He explains how the immune system’s strong response to coronavirus is actually what kills people:

“Well, you know, we’ve had the understanding [that] old people seem to have compromised immune systems. And I think it’s just the opposite,” Grace told Ingraham. “It’s a paradigm change that the more mature immune systems, even though their bodies may be weakened, their immune systems are actually quite strong … And it’s the strength of that immunity … that causes the damage to the lungs and the deaths in these cases.”

Grace then explains how hydroxchloroquine suppresses the immune system to prevent the drowning of the lungs:

“Hence, the reason why hydroxychloroquine, an immunosuppressive agent, is beneficial by two mechanisms suppressing the immune response… And number two, acting to suppress the replication of the virus. …  you can take the seriously ill people and treat them off-label with the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin [and] you can take those people who are not so seriously ill and put them on whatever randomized trial you want, and as many limbs as you want, because there’ll be plenty of patients out there that will be sick and not so serious that they’re in danger of dying.”

You can watch the whole interview with Dr. Grace here:

It appears that Trump was correct that hydroxychloroquine can indeed cure coronavirus. If this is the case, then this medicine needs to mass produced and given to those infected to prevent more deaths.


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