COVID-19 Is Spreading Around Amazon Warehouses

One of this things that we try to cover are events that impact public safety, and is a reason for our reporting on crime news and the like. But in an interesting twist from Amazon warehouses, Amazon workers have been sounding the alarm about the spread of COVID-19, which according to the Washington Post, means there may be more in one’s packages than just what one ordered with Prime free shipping.

As Amazon sales surge from shoppers stocking up on consumer staples, the e-commerce giant’s warehouse workers are raising alarms that the company is not doing enough to protect them from the novel coronavirus.

Warehouse workers in Spain and Italy have tested positive for the virus, while workers in New York and Chicago told The Washington Post that Amazon isn’t taking enough precautions as orders mount. Some said workers were sent home only after they had coughs, and signs were posted advising workers to wash their hands.

But in interviews, warehouse workers in the United States and Europe say they worry their workplaces aren’t safe enough and could contribute to the spread of the virus. More than 1,500 workers from around the world have signed a petition that calls on the company to take additional steps to ensure the safety in their workplace. (source)

This also poses a danger to one’s USPS mail, for who knows where the virus is and how it is traveling with them?

What I am saying is that in addition to taking normal precautions recommended by the CDC, one should be extra careful because this thing is going everywhere. Germophobe one may not be, but now is the time to be one lest one unintentionally expose oneself to this thing.

According to our research and sources, this is going to be a thing for the next eighteen months. It is a trend that is not going away either.

Spray your mail.

Reduce your exposure.

Try to work near others as little as possible.

Stay safe, and say your prayers, because the whole world is in this together.

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