One-Third Of The World Is On Lockdown

Lenin famously is attributed to have said a variant of the following phrase- ‘there are decades when nothing happend, and weeks when decades happen.’ Like or hate Lenin, his words in this respect are coming true with the effects of COVID-19 and how the pandemic is rapidly reshaping world politics. According to AFP by way of Yahoo! News, one-third of the world is now on lockdown over COVID-19.

India ordered its billion-plus population on Tuesday to stay inside for three weeks, bringing a third of the world under lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic forced Japan to postpone the Olympics until next year.

Financial markets soared after a brutal month as the US Congress looked set to pass a stimulus bill, joining the world’s central banks in combatting the crisis with major injections of cash.

President Donald Trump voiced hope that the United States could begin reopening by Easter, which falls on April 12 for most Christians, but one of his top medical advisers said there was a need to remain “very flexible.”

Despite Trump’s optimism that the US economy will be back to normal within weeks, more governments are taking unprecedented action to stop potential virus-carriers going out and about. (source)

There will not be per se a “global revival” from this, but as history notes from past experience, the likelihood of a much greater global conflict in the future, as pandemics tend to precede major revolutions in the social order.

The financial system as we know it (which I hope to explain in detail in a few week) and the world’s way of life is coming rapidly to an end.

Stay safe with this COVID-19 situation, but prepare for war, for this is just a small battle before a more serious conflict starts.

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