While People Fret Over The Coronavirus, Ninety-Eight People Die Each Day At The Hands Of Cartels.


It may not be 2016 any more, but the violence that has plagued Mexico for years continues without end. According to recent reports and published by El Blog Del Narco from the Mexican government, ninety-eight people each day are put to death at the hands of the cartels, which surprisingly is a reduction from

…the federal agency indicated that intentional homicide decreased 1.8 percent, compared to February 2019.

“The slowdown in homicide victims in recent months is evident, which gives certainty to the reduction in the growth of this crime during the current administration, according to records of crime incidence provided by the 32 state prosecutors or prosecutors to the Center National Information Office (CNI) ”, pointed out the Secretariat.

“It is important to point out that the levels of violence are being contained since the number of victims of intentional homicide in February 2020 (2,766) is 10 percent lower than the historical maximum recorded in July 2018 (3,774) “He added.

As for the overall crime incidence, the figures reveal that 167,558 alleged crimes were registered nationwide in February. (source)

But this does not mean things are per se improving significantly. For example, a member of the infamous Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) recenty was put to death by executioners from the Viagras Cartel with a machine gun, despite the fact that he was already dying. In the video, the man was asked a series of questions, then insulted, and the same voice gives the order to kill him and immediately a wave of bullets are fired directly into the victim’s head.


In another recently released video, a member of the same CJNG was captured, beaten and tortured, and then beheaded while it appeared he was passed out.


Things are tough in the US right now. However, they are very hard in Mexico. Let us not forget the suffering of the many good people there due to the cartels, and how while there have been improvements, life is still nothing like what people in America are accustomed to, and that many of the people who are fleeing Mexico are doing so because of violence such as this.

Who wants to raise one’s family near things such as this? If one has the opportunity to try and get a better life, who would not want to take it, considering conditions such as these?

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