The Beast Awakens: Turkey Sounds The Islamic Call To Prayer, Recites The Koran From The Hagia Sophia Church In “Acoustic Test”

The Ottoman beast, which terrorized the Christian world since 1291 (which was also the same year that the Crusader States fell), was put to death in 1923 and with it the Caliphate, established by Mohammed in 622 was abolished, ending fourteen centuries of history and making it the second-to-last institution from the world of antiquity to pass away (with the only one left being the Catholic Church).

The beast was slain and put into a grave.

Now it is three years before the one-century anniversary of the abolition of the Caliphate when the rumblings from the grave are heard again. Just like the scratching on a coffin of the undead, the corpse of the Ottoman menace is rising against like a zombie, and she comes to feast upon the living as the Islamic call to prayer, which is a blasphemy against Christianity, was recited in a rare “acoustic test” in the once great jewel of eastern Christendom as the Turkish government newspaper Yeni Akit reports.

The Hagia Sophia Manager Hayrullah Cengiz acoustic test trials with special permission, audio and video recordings retrieving Hagia Sophia Mosque ‘in employees during shooting for the deterioration of acoustic, Sophia was not allowed to reside in.

For the first time were made simultaneous recordings with eight cameras and voice recorders; The sound acoustics of Hagia Sophia were recorded for the first time.

For the acoustic test study, the Grand Ayasofya Mosque Imam Önder Soy and Büyük Ayasofya Mosque Muezzini Ahmet Toraman were read under the Hagia Sophia dome, the prayer prayer prayer prayer in the muezzin mahil, the conquest and Nasr suras in the mihrab with no voice system support. (source)

The political events this year that have occupied our time at have been the migration manufactured crisis and now the virus, for both are directly tied to and are being used to advance nationalistic aims that will be employed to bring about a major world conflict. Turkey plays a critical role in this in many ways, for naturally as she is the bridge between Europe and Asia, she is forced by her location into any conflict. The historical ally of Germany going back to the time of Justinian and a century before Mohammed is as strong as it ever has been. has warned for years that the Ottoman menace would arise again, and when it did, it would truly be a monster returned from the dead and would wreak hell on earth for all. In the words of Walid:

I would choose living under an American military occupation over a Turkish military takeover any day. (source)

Turkey has been able to make such a return due to the Americans, who have directly aided her rise with Germany by resupplying her into the eighth strongest military in the world and the second largest in Europe. Indeed, without the assistance of both (as well as Russia, for she attempts to influence the nation as well), Turkey could not have come back as she is doing now.

The fact that Turkey is “testing” again making the Islamic call to prayer is a sign of her preparation in the future to help Erdogan realize the “Ottoman Dream” (referring to the dream of the Ottoman patriarch Uthman, who had a vision in 1291 that inspired him to create the Ottoman Empire) or reviving the great Turkish anti-Christian beast which was slain a century ago. She has since 2015 been making more frequent “calls to prayer” in the Church, and that she is doing an “acoustic test” suggests that she may put it back at some point to full use as as mosque. After all, the Church is very well-known, and why else would there need to be an “acoustic test” in a Museum, unless one was intending to recite the Adhaan?

Turkey used to be the most Christian area in the world. Now it is one of the least, and not only that, but it has become a place from which Christianity is actively persecuted and has been since the 15th century, after the Byzantine Empire fell to Sultan Mehmet II “The Conqueror”.

It is not an accident, as has pointed out in her archives, that the seat of satan is said to be at Pergamum in Anatolia, or Turkey, and that in modern times there has been a revival of ancient paganism in Greece.

The New Testament and in the world of Our Lord Himself make clear that the whole world is hostage to the devil, and it is Christ who came to set the world free from the powers of darkness. This was once the case, but as Christianity has spread around the world and the Gospel be exposed to all peoples, even in the most remote jungles and mountain areas, and as all men are connected, now it appears that the world, having rejected Christ, is returning to her ancient ways, but this time with a vengeance and a hatred of Christianity, for while before they did not know the truth, they now know of it but refuse to accept it.

The rise of Turkey is not just about the “re-emergence” of another Ottoman Empire, but about something deeper. It is well-known that empires do not come back after they die, and while nations can have influence still, they are not the same as they were in the past. However, the fact that Turkey, a slain empire, is reviving, is not something that should be taken lightly. When one adds into this her long history of supporting eugenics, her alliance with Germany, the push for “pan-Turanism”, the interest in oil and economics, and how just as with (what remains of) Christianity in Germany there is a syncretism growing between Islam and paganism in Turkey, it adds to the concern even more.

The world is going back to things, and very quickly as the Bible notes, how it was in the “days of Noah” and perhaps even more notably how they were in the time of Christ, but this time refusing to accept Him.

Christ came as a baby once to offer mercy. When He comes again, it will not be so, but to offer justice.

Do not be caught unprepared.

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