Hungarian President Viktor Orban Gives Himself Dictatorial Powers To ‘Fight The Virus’

Governments around the world are using the COVID-19 coronavirus situation to give themselves unlimited powers to do whatever they want even at the expense of the rights of the people they are charged to care for. One of those rulers is President Viktor Orban of Hungary, who has been profiled before on for his extensive use of nationalist rhetoric and simultaneous highly questionable ties to George Soros as well as National Socialist figures. The Hungarian President has declared that in order to ‘fight COVID-19’, he has advanced and had passed a new bill that gives him dictatorial-like powers, including the ability to jail people for years who spread ‘false information’ as well as the ability to indefinitely rule by decree according to AFP reported by Yahoo! News.

Hungary’s parliament endorsed a bill on Monday giving nationalist premier Viktor Orban sweeping new powers he says he needs to fight the new coronavirus pandemic.

Critics at home and abroad have condemned the “anti-coronavirus defence law”, saying it gives Orban unnecessary and unlimited power in a ruse to cement his leadership rather than battle the virus.

After declaring a state of emergency on March 11, the new bill will give Orban the power to largely rule by decree indefinitely until the government decides the pandemic crisis is over.

The bill removes the current requirement for MPs to approve any extension to time limits on the decrees.

It also introduces jail terms of up to five years for anyone spreading “falsehoods” about the virus or the measures against it, stoking new worries for press freedom.

It was passed by 137 votes to 53 by parliament’s lower chamber, where Orban’s Fidesz party has a two-thirds majority. (source)

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