Major Italian Virologist Warns: The Situation With Coronavirus Is Still So Serious That To Tell People To Leave Their Homes Is Unrealistic

By Theodore Shoebat

A major Italian virologist, Roberto Burioni, has warned that the situation with Coronavirus is still so serious that to tell people to leave their homes would be unrealistic. As we read in a report from Il Tiempo, Burioni wrote on his Facebook page:

“We must start thinking about a recovery of our lives: we cannot continue to stay at home in order to stay at home forever. But we must also know that at this moment the situation is still so serious as to make any reopening project shortly unrealistic. And since someone has difficulty understanding the written text, I am clearer. At the moment you have to be plugged in the house, otherwise the sacrifices that we have made up to now are frustrated, period.”

In other words, stay at home.