Sodomite Parents Are Upset Their Children Are Angry At Them

The sin of sodom is one that cries out to Heaven for the vengeance and wrath of God as the Old Testament makes clear. It was so horrible that the evil city of Sodom and her sister places on the plains of Middle Ghor were destroyed as sign for all time as to the evil of this sin.

In modern times, where the sin of Sodom has become popular, it is common for sodomites to try to raise children. Many of these children do not like it because they know that something is extremely wrong, and they turn to lash out against their parents over their behavior. Now in a story from BuzzFeed, sodomite parents are upset that their children are “abusing” them for hating them over their evil behaviors.

LGBT parents are suffering homophobic and transphobic abuse from their own children during the lockdown, a charity has revealed — while young LGBT people are being thrown out onto the street by parents who discover their child’s sexuality or gender identity.

While homelessness cause. by anti-LGBT rejection is not new, the context within this pandemic is, and so too is abuse from children directed at their own LGBT parents.

Teenagers who have never said such things before are now “lashing out” with hateful and abusive comments, Rachel Ellis from the LGBT Foundation told BuzzFeed News. “They’re trapped in the house, cooped up, and haven’t got anyone to let their frustrations out on except their parents,” she said.

Some parents, who have already experienced significant prejudice outside the home, are now blaming themselves for what is happening within it — unable to comprehend why. Despite years of casework, Ellis had never encountered this phenomenon before the lockdown. But, she said, “it’s something I’m seeing more and more in the past month”.

And that is just the start.

In a series of interviews with BuzzFeed News, organisations that help LGBT victims of domestic abuse, as well as a recent survivor of abuse, warn of an array of new dangers this community is facing under lockdown.

The charities said the threats posed by being shut in can be distinct from the general population, often detonating the intolerance that might normally lie dormant. As a result, LGBT people are now at escalated risk of violence, hate crimes, grooming, and in particular, homelessness, they warned.

“You’re dead to me,” were the last words one girl heard last week as her clothes were stuffed into bin-bags and thrown into the road, a youth worker from the Albert Kennedy Trust told BuzzFeed News. (source)

For years, the sodomites have shouted and clamored how they are “victims” and that they deserve special treatment, and then once they received the treatment they wanted, they immediately started to abuse all other people around them. They are never satisfied, they want more, and they are blatant now about how they want to rape children and have it made permissible under the legal system.

Are these people ones that one should feel sorry for? They have received anything and everything they ever wanted, and yet are upset that their children call them out for their evil behaviors?

Who is the real abuser? A child who tells his parents to go to the place that God sent the city of Sodom and the plains to thousands of years ago for the sake of Justice, or the sodomites who insist on living in unnatural unions where disease spreads and in addition to the absolute moral culpability which they incur also have high rates of abusing children and teenagers?

Masturbating into another man’s anus is degenerate and evil. Women are not meant to be with women, and men are not meant to be with men. The opposites were meant for each other as is visible through the natural order. The sodomites are akin to those who insist on using all means available to fight gravity, for no matter what actions are taken, the reality must inevitably persevere through.

Their children are not the problem. The problem is the sodomites and their immoral, unnatural, disgusting behavior that causes permanent bodily harms and transmits some of the most dangerous diseases know to man. Their children rebelling against them, whether they know it or not, is a cry for justice which the sodomites refuse to heed even as the firey meteors of sulfur and brimstone streak through the sky.

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