Will Biden Pair Up With Clinton And Obama?

As the Democrat presidential race, if one can even call it that, becomes stranger by the day TheHill.com suggests that Biden may pair up with Clinton and Obama.

Desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures. For the Democrats, a truly desperate time could come if Joe Biden is forced to withdraw from the presidential race. While the former vice president is the presumptive Democratic nominee to face off against President Trump in November, his nomination is still far from official.

Some Democrats tell me they fear that Biden’s political survival is getting more problematic with each passing day. They cite three main issues. The first is their concern that an allegation of sexual assault leveled against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade won’t go away anytime soon. If anything, it appears to be about to gain a new life.

Next, they worry that another shoe could drop regarding questions related to Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings. Lastly, some Democrats are concerned about Biden’s age and possible cognitive issues — a concern that some also have expressed about Trump.

For those reasons, and a few more, might we envision Biden being privately talked into retiring from the race, or voluntarily doing so himself? Let’s assume that happens just before, or just after, the party’s convention, in whatever form it is held. What would happen then?

The process is actually fairly straightforward. If Biden quits the race right before the convention, delegates would select a new nominee. If he drops out right after the convention, members of the Democratic National Committee would pick their replacement candidate.

Who might be in consideration to become the new nominee — and who would be selected as the vice presidential running mate? Several likely combinations come to mind, starting in many minds with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but one particular, truly out-of-the-box combination stops the discussion in its tracks: Hillary Clinton as the nominee and Barack Obama as her running mate. (source)

The very fact that such an idea is even being floated is a strong suggestion that the Democrats want to fail.

Previous failed presidential candidates are rarely re-elected. Biden has a litany of questions about his past, and Hillary Clinton’s obsession with ‘MeToo’ amid Biden’s open history of sexual misconduct is an open contradiction that turns off many in the Democrat base.

The Democrats are not fools. They are highly intelligent and strategic. They know their base well and that they hold the advantage. As I have noted and will continue to emphasize, their actions suggest not a failure, but a tactical loss for a long-term strategic game of being able to see through an economic collapse under the Trump administration with a power grab for eight years, ensuring themselves a place in history akin to a new FDR for the future.

This is the real danger.

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