Slaughterhouse Robots Come To Slaughter Jobs

I have been warning for years that robotics will play a major role in the future by destroying jobs as humans are replaced by machines in the name of American efficiency and darwinism which is practiced by companies and elevated to an almost culturally sacred place in society. Now according to Bloomberg Law and reported on also by Zero Hedge is the announcement that in light of the massive shutdown of meatpacking plants caused by COVID-19, some companies are moving to use robots to prepare and process meat.

America’s meat processing crisis, mainly triggered by labor shortages and plant closings due to coronavirus spread, is set to unleash a new wave of automation across plants to ease labor and health woes.

Bloomberg Law reports JBS SA, the world’s largest meat producer, is preparing to install robots in slaughterhouses to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among human employees working on the production line.

JBS SA CFO Guilherme Cavalcanti recently said the Brazilian processing company expects to expand automation at its facilities across the world.

Cavalcanti said the adoption of automation started before the pandemic as labor tightened at US plants due to a decline in immigration sparked by the Trump administration. He said labor shortages have developed in the US as the virus infects workers and shutters plants. (source)

The virus is not just slaughtering people, but as I have called it, the “gift that keeps on giving”, it is being used to slaughter jobs in the name of “safety”.

This does not help people, but it is going to make the job situation worse because those who are displaced from their replacement by machines will have to find new jobs, and with a continually expanding labor pool with a shrinking job markets, it is not going to get any easier to find work, resulting in an eventual economic crisis that will gravely enervate the US long-term and will not be able to be easily recoverable from in the future.

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