Is Russia Now Murdering Doctors And Healthcare Workers Who Criticize The Government’s Handling Of COVID-19?

I was reading through the Moscow Times when I saw an article that shocked me about three doctors who, after expressing disagreement with the official government handling of the COVID-19 crisis, have either been seriously injured or died by falling out a window.

A paramedic who complained about being forced to work despite contracting coronavirus is in critical condition after he fell from a hospital window in western Russia this weekend, local media reported.

This is at least the third incident in which a Russian healthcare professional has plunged from a hospital building under mysterious circumstances in the past two weeks. The two previous doctors have died from their injuries.

Alexander Shulepov is in critical condition with a skull fracture after falling from the second floor of a rural hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19, the local crisis center told the Vesti Voronezh outlet Saturday.

Shulepov, 37, and his colleague filmed a video on April 22 complaining that the chief doctor of the Novaya Usman village hospital forced him to work despite the fact that he tested positive for Covid-19.

A second video appeared three days later in which Shulepov denied his initial “emotional” claims. His colleague Alexander Kosyakin reportedly faces criminal charges for spreading “fake news” about the virus, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years under a recently passed federal law.

Police have reportedly launched an inspection into Shulepov’s fall from the hospital in the Voronezh region 500 kilometers south of Moscow.

The Voronezh region has confirmed 636 coronavirus cases as of Monday, less than 1% of Russia’s 145,268 confirmed cases. At least 41 doctors and patients at the region’s largest hospital have reportedly been infected with Covid-19. (source)

I am going to share more insights from my experiences here. I have absolutely no proof that the Russian government is murdering these doctors in the objective sense, although three incidents from falling out of a window is suspect.

As I have noted in my previous articles, I have had a lot of contacts over the years with a lot of people from Russia and the former Soviet Union. These are people I have known for a long time in a personal way.

I remember some of these people- not the children but the parents and especially grandparents -telling stories about life in the USSR. All of them universally agreed that life in the USSR was not enjoyable, and many of them would give very specific details.

One of the things I remember being told by multiple people- parents and grandparents alike -was that the KGB, now called the FSB, has a very infamous history of spying on all people for long periods of time, sometimes decades, and even for small reasons deciding to harass or assassinate somebody. They said that often it was done to prevent “humiliation” of the government, which was something the USSR was very sensitive about. They also said that a common way for the KGB to execute people was to either throw them off of a roof and claim suicide, or to kill the person first and then throw him off of a roof and claim suicide.

One elderly woman recalled to me how she witnessed- with other people in a city in Ukraine during broad daylight -two men attempting to push another man off of the top of a building. The man was fighting and making a scene. The two men eventually succeeded and the man fell to his death. The police came almost immediately after, said it was a suicide, and dispersed the crowd. This elderly woman said this happened in the 1980s, and that towards the end the USSR did not even attempt to hide what she was doing, but would just act and they deny flatly in the face of obvious evidence what happened and put instead their own version in.

Russia right now is having a major crisis with COVID-19. It makes sense that the disease would spread in Russia, since her healthcare system is abysmal and many Russians are in poor health. 30% of hospitals do not have running water, and 40% do not have central heating according to the Russian Minzdrav (Ministry of Health), so it is only inevitable that she would be greatly harmed by any pandemic.

I suspect that these really may be assassinations or assassination attempts, and the idea behind them would be to both instill fear into people of saying anything negative outside of parroting the official government line, and to violently silence critics. Both things are historical Soviet tactics, and since Putin has longstanding ties to the KGB/FSB and is an open admirer of Stalin to the point of practically worshiping him without exaggeration as well as modeling his “transformation” of Russia after Stalin, it only makes sense that such “deaths” should be seriously looked at as potential assassinations.

Russia may be returning to Soviet ways, but at what cost? The Soviet Union, for all of her claims of power, was actually a great parasitic force on the Russia nation, and resulted in creating countless negative changes that have never been fixed, the most serious one being the birth rates, which continue to plummet even with mass migration from Central Asia.

Russia is not in a healthy state, nor is she a world power, but LARPing as a world power while she crumbles from within. She will fight hard, but there is a very strong chance that she will break up into a series of warring states and have Siberia partitioned off into smaller nations that will come under American, British, French, German, and Japanese influence.

She will fight as hard as she can to prevent this, and one of the historical ways that she does this is to seal herself off from the rest of the world and viciously suppress her people to control them. This is what appears to be happening in Russia right now, with this recent incident about COVID-19 being but one form of it. However, will it work this time? That is the question that one waits to see the answer in the future to.

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