Thousands Of Refugees Who Migrated To Denmark Are Returning To Their Native Lands

Migration has become a major issue in Western European politics following the mass migrations to Germany and the surrounding nations that began at the end of 2015. However, according to, the tiny nordic nation of Denmark, who received a large number of migrants, is now seeing thousands of migrants return to their native lands.

For the first time since 2011, there are more refugee backgrounds who have moved out of Denmark than refugees who have traveled inland.

According to an analysis by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration, the number of emigrated refugees exceeded the number of immigrants by approximately 730 persons in 2019.

In 2015, there was a so-called net immigration of more than 16,000 people.

Foreign Affairs and Integration Minister Mattias Tesfaye (S) calls it “lovely numbers”.

– I am pleased, first of all, because it shows in part that we can keep the influx at bay by pursuing a sensible policy in Denmark, says Mattias Tesfaye.

– But also that there are refugees who would like to receive a bag of money and travel home and rebuild their own country.

Refugees from Somalia and Syria are leaving the country
The Ministry has looked at how many refugees and family reunions for refugees who have immigrated and emigrated in the years 2011 to 2019.

The analysis shows that refugees from Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Bosnia-Herzegovina in particular left Denmark in 2019.

For refugees from Eritrea, Iran and Afghanistan, on the other hand, there were more people arriving in Denmark than leaving the country again.

The government wants refugees who come to Denmark to travel as far as possible to their home countries rather than stay in Denmark permanently. (source)

I’m very glad to hear that at least some refugees are leaving. And it is not for the reasons that most would think.

Ted, Walid, and I have warned for years now that there is a very strong chance Europe will see another major war on par with World War II or larger. We have warned that the migrants will be blamed for whatever crisis happens, and that they will suffer terribly just as the Slavic peoples were treated during the Second World War, especially in Poland, where they were imprisoned and put to death in massive internment camps.

There are a lot of problems with many migrants, but not all migrants are the problem, yet they are blamed for a lot of troubles when the governments of Western Europe actively encouraged their migration and then upon arriving to Europe set up welfare conditions so to encourage the worst possible social behavior. This behavior has been used to drive racism, nationalism, and is inclining towards militarism, which there is a strong chance that it will manifest more as the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus continues to decimate the European markets.

When the situation becomes very unsustainable, “non-Europeans” are going to be blamed for Europe’s problems. These will be Muslims and migrants, and anybody who does not look European. They will be blamed regardless and likely will be abused and put to death.

Islam is not a good religion, but the answer to Islam is not mass murder, but the Gospel. Europe does not want to hear about Christianity or Christian truth, but has rejected it in favor of paganism and nationalism just as she rejected it last century, and the results were the horrors that were the twentieth century.

This is why the refugees NEED to go. It is not because of a drive to create a racialist state. It is because they are going to be used as cannon fodder in a coming war, and the humane thing to do, in order to look out for the best interest of all people, is to bring them to a safe location while there is still time.

It is true that many of these people came from very poor and desperate situations. However, they are still alive. They may return to poverty, but they can continue living as they did before. This cannot be guaranteed if they continue to reside in Europe and somebody, in the name of national pride, turns to them and decides to horribly murder them for some concept of “blood and soil”.

Many of the modern racialists will use the phrase “they need to go back” about migrants, and the words of the phrase are true, but not the meaning, for the racialist does it because he believes in the supremacy of his own race, but I say this because the supremacy of human life, from birth to natural death, is more important than any political or economic needs, and the way to best preserve human life is to remove those who are at a strong risk of serious harm from the potential danger. Thus “they need to go back” not because of a desire to create a “pure ethnostate”, but because if they do not go back, they will become the scapegoat that will be sacrificed in the name of racial and national pride.

Sending them back is not about politics- it is only the humane thing to do for the good of all people.

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